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Amazing Facts about Yoga

by Rebecca Gold 28 Oct 2020

We all LOVE yoga. It keeps us fit, boosts our mood and eases up our mind. But what else is there that Yoga holds for us? Let's find out! Here're some Amazing Yoga Facts that we bet you didn't know about:

Yoga helps your relationships

Regular yoga practice helps develop compassion, friendliness and reduces anger and hostility. It teaches us how to avoid harm to others, tell the truth and not demand anything. All of this may improve many of your relationships in life.

Yoga helps to make you live longer

It keeps your spine young and flexible and also provides many health benefits. For instance, it protects your bones, increases blood circulation, boosts immunity, drops blood pressure, maintains your nervous system and improves lung function!


image via @_yogin.a_


image via @911_callme

It can be custom-made

Yoga doesn't have to be the same for everyone. All the Yoga asanas can be easily modified, regarding the individual requirements of each person in mind. Whether you're pregnant or experience some kinds of pain, a professional yoga teacher can find inclusive ways to fulfill your needs.


image via @yanalafae


image via @yourpeakyoga

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