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Yoga Pose of the Day: Tree Pose

by Rebecca Gold 04 Nov 2020

It’s time you tried out a new yoga pose! Tree Pose is usually the first standing balance pose that is taught to yoga beginners because it's the simplest. Keep your sense of humor about learning to stand on one leg. It's harder than it looks at first and will be different every day. Don't get frustrated if you wobble or even fall over at first. Read further on the blog to get to know how to perform this position right and what advantages it holds for you. 

Step by step instruction: 

  • Take a moment to feel both your feet root into the floor with your weight distributed equally on all four corners of each foot.
  • Begin to shift your weight into your right foot, lifting your left foot off the floor. Keep your right leg straight but don't lock the knee.
  • Bend your left knee and bring the sole of your left foot high onto your inner right thigh.
  • Press your foot into your thigh and your thigh back into your foot with equal pressure. This will help you keep both hips squared toward the front so your right hip doesn't jut out.
  • Focus your gaze on something that doesn't move to help you keep your balance.
  • Take 5 to 10 breaths, then lower your left foot to the floor and do the other side.
  • The most important thing to work on in Tree is making sure that the pressure of your lifted foot on your standing leg doesn't cause that side's hip to stick out. The hips should stay as square as possible, just as if you still have both feet on the floor in Mountain Pose. 

image via @_irasistible_

image via @sometimesivacay

Tree Pose strengthens your legs and core while opening your hips and stretching your inner thighs and groin muscles. It helps you build better balance, which helps with any number of other physical activities. Good balance and a strong core will go a long way in helping you stay active and healthy. Grab a pair of comfy, high-waisted leggings to enjoy your practice to the fullest.

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