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Be a Mermaid - Make Waves Wherever You Go!

by Tina Bryant 18 Sep 2018

At Pineapple Clothing we choose imagination over fear! We created the “Making Waves” print for romantic and brave spirits who believe in magic and mermaids like we do! Our new collection is all about stylish and chic pieces that you'll want to wear all the time!

What to wear to the gym:

Comfort is key here. Make sure you wear something that you’ll feel comfy in for several hours. We recommend a pair of Making Waves Leggings with a matching sports bra. It’s an outfit that can never go wrong. It will embellish your daily workout routine.

Resort and casual looks:

For a casual day walking around or exploring a new city with your minime try the matching mommy and me Making Waves Designer T-shirt  or a pair of our mermaid leggings and capris.

How to dress for a party:

If you are a dress person, pack the Making Waves Shift Dress. The purple color combination with feminine pearls across the silhouette will emphasize your delicate sophisticated nature and will make a delightful impression on others.

Dream big, believe in miracles, and make waves wherever you go!

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