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What to Wear for your Fall Family Photoshoot

by Tina Bryant 14 Sep 2018

The Fall season has finally come into full focus, leaving summer behind as just a blurred memory. Celebrate the new season by organizing a family photoshoot! In the long run, It’s a great way to create long lasting memories for your kids, their kids and so on. And for now, it’s a fresh new update to your home’s decor and your family photos! It’ll also help get rid of summer goodbye blues and get everyone excited about what fall can bring! Get some matching family outfits and go make some memories! Here’s some Fall Family Photoshoot Inspo to help get you going.


Where to do it: The fall season is all about rustic spaces and highlighting the beauty in nature, and of course, all the quintessential fall activities. If you are fortunate enough to live somewhere with mountains and trees that change color, head for the hills! Plan an outdoor photoshoot in a setting with the fall leaves all around you. A few other places that are perfect for a fall family photoshoot include:

  • In the mountains
  • In the woods
  • At a barn
  • On some haystacks
  • In a pumpkin patch
  • In a cornfield
  • In front of a cabin
  • Around a bonfire
  • On a swing set
  • On a bench
  • On a bridge

What to Wear: This is one of the funnest parts of doing a shoot! Getting to coordinate a family look. You can go with all different casual fall outfits, where the girls and mom rock casual fall dresses in solid fall tones (burgundy, hunter green, white, black, and others) while the boys wear sweaters and jeans; or the girls can do prints. 

A classic fall print is plaid; but some other prints that work well for fall include houndstooth, chevron, and even floral! Yes, floral can absolutely work for fall, it’s no longer just a spring and summer thing.


If the women in your family are free spirits and they are looking for a fairytale rustic moment, lace boho dresses make for an enchanting look that channels the ethereal beauty of the season. If it’s cool enough, some leather jackets with tassels and some combat boots can give the lace boho dress a bit of a bolder edge. But who said outfits for a fall family photoshoot have to be dressy or even daytime attire? A fun, fresh take on a family look can matching family pajamas! Once a traditionally Christmas thing, matching pajamas work well for this because fall is the beginning of the cozy seasons! Celebrate with matching pajamas in the photos and have your family members doing something fun, like playing in the leaves or roasting marshmallows over a bonfire. Lastly, you can make the boys match dad and the girls match mom! There are plenty of mommy and me dresses that work beautifully for a fall shoot, from shift dresses to a-line to empire waist and more.

How to Pose

Last but not least, what will you all be doing in the photos? It might be a good idea to work out what every family member is doing prior to snapping your pics. Here are some ideas for how to pose for a family fall photoshoot. For some of these, candid shots might be the best and most natural:

  • Classically posed: sitting together
  • Holding hands
  • Standing symmetrically
  • Silhouettes
  • Playing in leaves
  • Laying down and looking up
  • Dancing
  • over a bonfire making smores

There’s too many memories waiting to be made, what are you waiting for? Get fall-ready and head out!

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