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Best Spring Looks

by Rebecca Gold 29 Apr 2020

Spring is here and that means transitioning out of that winter wear and switching out that closet for some lighter, more joyful colors. Let’s face it, we could all use a little more light and a lot less heavy these days. Here are some of the spring trends that were not only dominating the spring runways a few months ago, but that are also a huge hit with the fashionistas this year: 

Mommy and Me Outfits

There’s nothing more springy, fun and joyful than wearing a matching mommy and daughter outfit. When you think of spring, you think of mother hens with their chicks, mother bunnies with their baby bunnies and mother ducks with their single file line of fluffy ducklings behind her. Keep this heartwarming theme going by matching your mini-me! Whatever the occasion is - whether you’re headed to the store to pick up some necessities or if you’re doing an online yoga class, whether you’re trying out some new recipes in the kitchen or if you’re just spending the afternoon in the backyard playing make-believe, matching mom and daughter outfits are totally in this season! 


image via @emily_aylin_s

Tie-Dye and Watercolors 

There’s something so light and ethereal about soft pastels subtly fading into each other - almost like melting cotton-candy sherbert or fairy wings. Maybe it reminds us of quintessential spring florals, like japanese cherry blossoms or the natural ombre coloration of tulips. Whatever it is, Tie-Dye is hitting hard this season and it’s being worn on everything- from light sweater dresses to activewear, like tie-dye or watercolor printed leggings, sports bras and workout tops.  


image via @yoga_with_amy


image via @shay.skylark


There’s pretty much no season in which florals can’t be worn - but if there is one season where florals are almost required - well, that’s Spring. Spring is known to be the season of rebirth and renewal, when winter melts away and the fresh buds push through and blossom into brightly-colored petaled beauties. This is why florals are the spring go-to, year after year. Rock a floral printed sports bra with solid colored leggings, or the inverse - a floral printed legging and a solid sports bra top next time you do some yoga in the backyards or go for a run. Florals are also beautifully femme when you rock it with light fabrics and dresses. A floral printed shift dress is a comfortably loose yet sophisticated look that can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. 


There’s a quiet trend not too many people are talking about, but that we’re seeing around everywhere - from social media to runways and more. Citrus is in season! This is one look that will also look great for summer, but is also hitting hard in the spring. There’s something about lemons that reminds us of sipping limoncello in an Italian countryside - very spring, don’t you agree? Rock some lemon-printed leggings paired with a matching lemon printed sports bra - or, if you like contrast, you can switch it for a white sports top and pair it with white sneakers. You can’t go wrong with a little vitamin C in your wardrobe! 


image via @schembritwins


image via @citymomgoessouth


Yes, neons are still a thing! We started seeing them in 2019 and have continued to be a huge part of fashion 2020. Rocking neons says you’re unapologetically YOU - you’re not afraid to be bold and have a bright energy about you. What better moment to exude energy than during your workouts? Neons look great if you're going to join that ZOOM Zumba class or if you’re headed to the park for some yoga. A neon coral legging will look amazing for that run around the block! But neons aren’t just for workout gear - a neon lime shift dress can be an original way to rock some color for a dressy occasion. 


image via @schembritwins


image via @pgsandra

Rock some of these prints, colors and looks and you’ll feel like a 2020 spring fashionista diva all season long!

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