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Decluttering Projects for Your Home

by Rebecca Gold 06 May 2020

Springtime is the perfect moment to refresh and renew. And if you’re spending more time at home these days, taking care of the family and the kids, getting work done or working on personal projects, it’s important to keep the space around you organized, clean and decluttered to help you stay focused. Studies have shown that more cluttered spaces have a negative impact on productivity and can even lead to increased levels of stress. It’s essential to keep a well-organized and decluttered space around you to keep yourself on track with your projects and for your mental health. 

With the extra time at home, here are some decluttering projects you can take on this season to help you give your home a renewed sense of positive energy: 


Clean and Organize your Desk

If you work from home, your workspace might be where you spend the most time. Usually, this is one space that is not quite so intimidating to start working on. You might have post-it notes stuck on monitors, residue from coffee mugs and dust on the desk surface, folders with random papers piled in - get to work on cleaning that all up. Cleaning up your digital desktop and organizing your files is another way to help keep yourself organized. Even if you don’t have a messy space, rearranging the space with new pen container, adding a candle or a small plant, even changing the image on your monitor’s desktop background can help make the space feel like new.


Clean and Organize your Closet

When spending more time at home, you’ll have less of a need to take clothes out and move them around since you’ll likely be wearing less outfits on a daily basis. Take this time to arrange your clothes, maybe by color or maybe by the type of garment it is. Try adding more hangers if you need them, or order some clear containers and drawers online to help you rearrange your clothes. Try sorting your sections into different categories, such as your office clothes in one section, your errands outfits in another, your going out or date night looks together, and your activewear like your printed yoga leggings and printed sports bras together in another section. Be sure to sort it all in a way that matches your habits and your lifestyle. Also, create a sustainable organization system that you know you can keep up with. Lastly, try purging your closet of anything you haven’t worn in the last year or so and consider donating to declutter.


Clean and Organize Your Fridge

This is one area people don’t usually think about - but cleaning your fridge should also be on your agenda. You are in there every day, making choices about what meals to put together and it also influences your shopping trips. You could also be wasting money on letting things like herbs go bad if you forget you have them. Organize your fridge in a way that you can open it up and see right away what things you have and don’t have to help you make decisions about what to make every day and what you’ll need to buy at the grocery store. This means less rummaging around every time you open up the fridge, too.


Clean your Car

This is another area that often gets neglected. Take the time to wipe off the dashboard, get rid of that layer of dust, wipe down and disinfect the center console and any spilled coffee or drinks on the surfaces. Throw away hoarded items in your glove compartment, vacuum your seats and floor areas. Add some air fresheners and finish the job by taking to get your car’s exterior cleaned. This will help you feel more at ease next time you take a ride.

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