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Boho Style Guide: Essential Pieces for Fall 2019

by Mary Visconti 04 Oct 2019

For all our boho babes looking to update their wardrobe this 2019 Fall season, there are so many fun new options to explore. The cooler weather invites layering and volume; the trends call for interesting new prints, and inspired fashionistas have taken to making bold statements as they create unique looks. Here are some great pieces you can add to your closet as you refresh your go-to boho styles for the new season: 

Lace Boho Tunic

The lace boho tunic is the perfect top to add some layers and volume to your outfit. Part of the boho style is looking and feeling free as a bird - and a boho tunic with ruffled quarter length sleeves and a high/low empire waist will motivate you to spin around and enjoy your outfit, like the free-flying flower child that you are! While this boho tunic silhouette looks great with a variety of prints and textures, including darker-hued, rich florals for fall, Lace is making a major comeback for Fall 2019. Pair a lace boho tunic with a black legging or skinny jeans + midcalf or thigh-high boots. 

Fringe Top

Tassels, ruffles, lace, and fringe are such a thing with boho style this season! Anything that adds a flair of fun and sass to an outfit is the perfect item for this Fall’s trends. This is why the fringe top is a fall boho essential. Again, tassels help convey that free spirit feel that boho is all about. A cute tank top with some fringe hanging at the bottom pairs well with a skinny jean or skinny pant or legging. The fringe will have you swaying back and forth in your outfit, sashaying and looking wildly free. 

Floral Dress

Floral prints are evergreen - they’re around all year, just in different hues and feels. For fall, florals with rich yet natural colors like burgundies and rusty oranges or florals on a black background look gorgeous. For a boho style, pair a floral shift dress with some brown booties and golden, dangly earrings. Go for bronzes and shimmer for your makeup and rock some windswept curls to complete the look. If you want a flowy floral dress, choose a black background dress with red florals and a ruffled hem. 

Crotchet Shift Dress

Want to express your inner bohemian - but need a polished, cleaned up way to do it? The crotchet shift dress is what you’re looking for. The crotchet lace is a bigger, bolder textile aesthetic in the lace family and it conveys the eclectic spirit of boho - but the shift dress offers a more refined feel, appropriate for an office party, a workday at a business-casual office setting, a brunch or baby shower. While this same look is perfect for spring in pastels, keep the colors natural and muted for a more autumnal vibe like navy, black, or brown. For a cool, crisp day, layer with a mid to maxi cardigan and a pair of brown or black fall booties. 

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