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Mommy & Me Fall Twinning Guide

by Mary Visconti 01 Oct 2019

image via @tinamarie_0623

There’s something magical and exciting about the arrival of Autumn - the summer fades away, giving way to cooler weather, crisper air and more mysterious vibes. For moms and daughters, it’s the perfect opportunity to debut interesting new prints, textures and layers. Coordinate your Mommy and Me looks for Fall Twinning! Here are some of the season’s hottest themes to incorporate in your Mommy & Me Fall Twinning line-up. 

image via @milakharik

Lace Mommy and Me Outfits

Lace hasn’t been around for quite a while, but it’s back and better than ever. Fall is about layers and textures and lace is a texture that adds sophistication, glam, and intrigue to any outfit. Try a crop lace top (quarter or long-sleeved) with a cami underneath and paper-bag waist wrap pants; or, if you’re heading to a dressy or formal function, a lace shift dress with elbow sleeves can look adorable for both mommy and daughter. Choose Fall friendly hues like classic black, navy blue, red or fuchsia. You can also just choose something with a small lace detail instead of an entirely lace piece; a one-shoulder bodycon with lace trim at the bottom adds a delicate touch of texture to make your outfit look Autumn ready.   

image via @yoursweetlife_shelli

Charmeuse Mommy and Me Dresses and Pieces

Charmeuse, satins and silks have been making their presence known this year in a big way and they’re not about to up and leave yet. They’re sticking around for Fall, too! Charmeuse, silk and satin are irresistibly luxurious, with their smooth, reflective sheen. It’s beautiful enough to be worn by itself, but when mixed with other textures and fabrics, adds a touch of luxury and creates a trés-chic look. If you’re headed to a party, a deep hue, like a rich chocolate brown dress with a wrap waist is not only gorgeous - but flowy and comfortable for both a mom and her little one.   

image via @hica1203

Animal Print Pieces for Mommy and Me    

From snakeskin to cheetah print, animal prints have also been a big 2019 trend that refuses to let up! They’re just too hot not to rock! Take a walk on the wild side and add an animal flare to your mommy and me outfits. Contrast a solid colored midi skirt with a leopard print or snakeskin print top; or, if you want to go bold, choose an entire animal print skater dress or animal print bodycon dress. 

image via @miss_trout

Dark Florals and Rich Hues for Autumn Mommy and Me Looks

It’s time to take those florals and go darker. Fall florals look gorgeous splashed across dark backdrop colors like navy blue, burgundy or black. For a brunch date, a day at the mall or a family function, a rustic-colored floral shift dress is appropriate, fashion-forward and comfy. If you want to add a touch of intrigue, choose a navy blue floral shift dress or empire waist dress with a sheer sleeve. This variation in print and texture makes for a dynamic look, mimicking layers, while only having to put on one item. Pair with mid-calf boots for that final fall detail.

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