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Choosing Your Perfect Summer Dress: 11 On-trend Gowns

by Tina Bryant 30 May 2019

Summer is looming, and that means revisiting (and hopefully mastering) some wardrobe staples. Bright colors and eye-catching patterns are greeted by all fashion women this summer (if you love black, grab some bold black outfits). A summer dress is about to make you shine and radiate light like the sun’s rays; it will make you as hot and spicy as Mexican foods; you'll feel that freshness that the ocean breeze gives us every refreshing evening on the beach. This is what you should feel like if you wear a perfect dress! With that in mind, let's turn our attention to a versatile, flattering, and stylish summer dress. We've identified 4 key styles you need to update your warm-weather repertoire now.

Hot Days & Cool Empire Waist Dresses

Get ready, ladies: Summer clothes are going bold and bright for 2019. A sleeveless empire waist dress would definitely be your priority outfit for this summer. Cold shoulders, the knee-length flowy skirt will give you the feelings of lightness. Style this breezy gown with block heels or flat sandals to have a flawless party/office look; or pair with flip-flops or sneakers for a casual, comfy look. Just add a cute hat and a glass of lemonade. This is that.


A Lovely Shape: Bodycon Dresses

A pretty floral or solid one-shoulder bodycon dress works perfectly for all kinds of summer occasions. Go from happy hour to a night out in the stunning bodycon gown. This sexy little number will have you looking striking and trendy. This silhouette is one of the most gorgeous and on-trend styles around summer 2019. Wear the bodycon dress when you’re planning to give your summer outfit an instant, on-trend boost.


Shift Dresses: Delicate Feels and Soft Colors

Your summer style is pretty much incomplete without a shift dress. The shift gown is now joining the ranks of “It” summer staples. It looks classy, romantic, is appropriate for both day and night. There are so many interesting designs to choose from, starting from silky fabrics, A-line silhouettes, lace embellishments to plenty of bright colors and prints. An adorable floral or tropical printed shift dress will add a cool and refreshing kick to your wardrobe while a soft crochet lace dress will give you that delicate feel and make you reach the height of style.


Statement Maxi Dresses

Some seasonal trends have true staying power - and the maxi dress is one of them. The more popular these semi-casual, full-length dresses become, the more beautiful designs we see. Work it top to toe with our stunning maxi dresses. A full-length empire waist dress tends to be flattering on all body types. Modern abstract or geometric patterns make this dress infinitely wearable, and classic floral prints make it just a touch more feminine. Relaxed, comfortable maxi dress will be your go-to for lazy Sundays and poolside hangs.

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