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Dressing the Birthday Girl: Best Outfits for a Little Girl’s BIG birthday!

by Tina Bryant 10 Oct 2018

It’s your princess’s birthday party - time to do it big! Every little girl loves to look and feel special on her big day, so you can’t disappoint her with a boring, everyday outfit. Give your daughter a brand new birthday outfit to wear to her celebration, because no girl should have to wear the same old outfit on her birthday! There are a never-ending plethora of choices if it’s cute kids’ dresses you’re looking for. Here are a few outfit and dress ideas for your little girl’s special day:

Princess Themed

One of the most popular, classic ideas for a girl is a princess themed birthday party. If your daughter is between the ages of 3-12, chances are, she loves princesses and has a favorite one in mind. There are so many princesses to choose from that any girl can find her favorite. While some girls opt to rock a costume dress to look exactly like her princess of choice, there’s a great way to dress it down and make it more casual. If you’re not going the costume route, there are great ways to rock more casual princess dresses that can also be used on regular days, not just on her birthday or on Halloween. If she likes Belle from Beauty and the Beast, find cute dresses for girls that are yellow; if Princess Jasmine is more her style, find a teal dress and use accessories to style her up! Whichever is her favorite princess, it’s all about finding the fancy dresses for girls with the right colors and voila! You’re on theme and she will feel like royalty on her birthday.



If there’s one thing that can make any regular day into something special, it’s twinning. Schools often have twin day for a reason, because who doesn’t love to coordinate outfits with their favorite people? Ask your daughter who she’d like to twin with - maybe her best friend or multiple best friends will participate in her birthday by dressing up like her! Have your daughter build her outfit then find identical outfits and gift them as party favors for everyone attending - or, have her friends dress up in similar colors, silhouettes, or themes to make her birthday party a fun, collaborative event. It’s fairly easy to find cute girls party dresses that a group of girls can decide on. Moms, you might end up being surprised - your baby girl might even choose to twin with you! If so, find a great Mommy and me retailer online to find matching mother daughter outfits for you and your favorite mini-me to celebrate her special day together.

Floral Themed

If there’s one print that almost all girls love, it’s floral print. It’s a beautiful, fun, and versatile choice that can go with so many themes like a garden themed party, a tea party theme, a spring or Easter birthday, a birthday themed after the classic book The Secret Garden, and the list goes on. The variety of silhouettes available in floral print is great- whether your daughter prefers short, A-line dress, skater dresses or floor length, girl’s maxi dresses, she’ll definitely find something she loves. There are so many adorable floral dresses for little girls that look gorgeous on everyone, it can be another theme that every girl attending will be able to dress up in, too. It’s a universal print that looks great on every skin tone and every personality - the best part is, almost everyone has one in their closet and if they don’t, there’s so many choices online and in stores that it won’t be hard to find in time for your daughter’s birthday celebration.



Another great way to commemorate your daughter’s special day is to say it loud and proud with a personalized printed tee. Back in the day, printed tees were a bit boring- they looked like baggy men’s t-shirts, were often ill-fitted and came in solid, boring colors. But now, there are so many options it’ll make your head spin! Choose a fitted tee with a variety of popular prints like palm fronds, geometric patterns like chevron or even flora as a backdrop. Then, get it customized with whatever name or saying you want! She can have her name printed on her new birthday tee and rock it with a pair of fun, colorful leggings. Find matching or coordinating legging and tee outfit that coordinates a cute floral print, hearts, stars or whatever her style is and add that extra stamp of special by adding a “Happy Birthday______” and adding her name.

There are plenty of ways to dress your daughter up for her big day - just throw out some ideas and see which one she loves!

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