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What to wear to a Halloween Party: Choose Your Perfect Outfit

by Tina Bryant 12 Oct 2018

Halloween's just around the corner. You are ready for it - but is your wardrobe? If Halloween fake blood-stained costumes aren’t a good idea, there are ways to cheat the dress code. In these modern times, Halloween means trick or treating and candy. So why not dress in a sugar skull printed outfit? 

Halloween's just around the corner

Calaveras have become increasingly popular in fashion. Of course, they do not originate from Halloween celebrations at all, but rather are a traditional part of Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. It is a vibrant holiday that bears little resemblance to the Halloween we celebrate today. Just include some common decorative motifs. There is absolutely nothing scary or grotesque about a candy skull, and this is exactly what you need instead of the usual bloody costume.

Consider a purple skull dress a wardrobe staple this season

You can choose to be a doll for Halloween. The doll seems to be scary no matter what, and it’s a perfect outfit when you think of what to wear to the party. Paint your face white and apply a dark lipstick and a purple skull dress to emphasize the look. You will be able to wear a dress multiple times over the season. A classic cut does not have a definite shelf life. Rest assured, it’s a one-way ticket to a chic and sensible Halloween outfit. 

Halloween Party at the Gym

If you are going to celebrate Halloween at the gym and would like to be in on this, you can easily pair a cute skull printed sports bra or leggings with black or white bottom or top and enjoy a scary good time.

Candy Skull Tops and Bottoms

It’s always fun to behave like a pirate or a freebooter (even for girls) and what could be better than a cute one, not spooky. Get a t-shirt or pants with candy skulls on them. Paint your arms with a fake skeleton to emphasize the connotations of Halloween. The perfect outfit for the season is ready in a blink.

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