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Finding Unique Dancewear for your Dance or Performance Group

by Ivanna Griner 11 Oct 2016


When organizing a school, church or other organization’s performance, finding a great uniform is almost as important as having the steps down. Every dance team or dance class is different and special in their own way which is why it’s important to find a uniform or costume that expresses that team’s individuality. There’s a lot of cookie-cutter uniforms out there - how do you find a good quality, cost-efficient and beautiful uniform that your group will love?

In addition to the challenge organizers or dance captains face of finding beautiful, unique uniforms, they must also take into account how many group members there are and the budget. Generally, dance or performance groups can expect to pay upwards from $100 per outfit. Even for elementary school aged kids, the costumes or uniforms for shows can get really pricey, which is why fundraisers to pay for dance uniforms are so common. How do organizers find cost-efficient costume or uniform options that will meet their groups’ needs?

Cost-effective Dancewear Solutions

There are plenty of alternatives to the companies that categorize themselves as dancewear brands that will work great for uniforms. The best way to avoid the high price tags that many dance uniform companies have is to look for the costume or uniform from ready-to-wear clothing lines not necessarily known as a dancewear retailers.

One such option is Pineapple Clothing. Best known for their Mommy and Me Outfits, this clothing line already specializes in producing duplicate designs for family members, so ordering a bulk order for your team is no problem whatsoever. Dance instructors, dance captains, performance organizers and more can order any one of Pineapple’s 100+ designs, custom made. With Pineapple, size challenges don’t exist; their size range is much larger than industry standard, ranging from the smallest size, 18M all the way to plus sizes. There are sizes for all age ranges, from infants and toddlers to  preschool aged kids, to

school-aged kids to teens and women. This will allow not just your dance group, class or team to be uniform - you can dress your entire dance school!

While they might not categorize themselves as a dancewear company perse, their clothing is actually perfect for this purpose, featuring all the desirable elements a costume or dance uniform should feature, including: high quality construction, breathable, stretchy fabrics, beautiful prints and accents, durability and flexibility, for movement. Dance studios teaching any style of dance, from more structured dances like ballet and flamenco to latin dances such as salsa, merengue and others, like jazz, tap or hip hop and African dances or even more fitness focused classes like acrobatics, gymnastics and zumba and so many more can find the perfect looks that cater to their specific dance style. There’s a look that’s perfect for every type of dance or performance class!

Beautiful, Unique Designs and Prints for Dance Teams

Some of Pineapple Clothing’s best options for dance or performance outfits include the girls and women’s boho tunics, girls’ performance leggings or girls and women's capris and even dresses. The prints are one a kind, designed exclusively for Pineapple’s Clothing line, so organizers, dance captains or dance instructors won’t have to worry about a rival team showing up in the same prints or designs as your team. With prints ranging from psychedelic, aztec and flower patterns, you and your team will be sure to stand out at any event. Their Zoe customizable t-shirts offer the ability to print names on them as well as printing names as part of catchy phrases.

An added bonus is that the designs are beautiful enough for dance performances yet appropriate enough to wear day-to-day, so the wearer gets the ultimate use out of their outfits - from the stage to street casual to party wear and everything in between!

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