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Looking Your Best with Trendy Maternity Clothes

by Ivanna Griner 03 Apr 2017

Being pregnant is great and all, but when it comes to clothes shopping, let’s be honest; some women start feeling a sense of dread. As the weight increases, the clothing options often decrease. Finding something that’s cute, comfortable and affordable begins to feel like mission impossible!

It doesn’t have to be. Just because you’re prego doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style and retreat to a dark, solitary cave for 9 months. You’ve still got things to do, places to be and people to see. And don’t forget your big day - your baby shower! Like it or not, you’re probably going to be surrounded by more people throughout your pregnancy than you were when you were without baby! Looking your best with pregnancy clothes can get much easier if you take certain key elements into consideration.

Trendy Maternity Clothes

Cute Maternity Clothes: Stay up on the Trends

You’re pregnant, not sick and not outdated. Your signature style should still reign supreme. Many women can feel a bit of resistance when it comes to buying maternity dresses or outfits because in their mind, it’s a bit like “giving up.” In reality, it just means re-strategizing and finding new ways to show off your trendy style! If you’re expecting, don’t give up on your fashion sense; adapt it.  

There are plenty of cute casual looks you can put together with comfortable pants or maxi skirts and billowy tops. Incorporate on-trend looks like off the shoulder tops with plenty of room for the bump; cute, feminine pregnancy halter dresses that show off your collar bones and shoulders, and versatile shift dresses that look flattering on everyone and are super comfortable. With a pair of flats or sandals, any of these options are great for everything from running errands to seeing friends and family.

For more dressy occasions, any of these options can be paired with wedge heels, if you’re up to it, or accessorized with more festive jewelry.

Silhouettes for Different Pregnancy Body Types

Pregnancy is by no means identical with each woman; different women carry their bump and their new baby weight differently. Some carry the bump high up while others tend to carry down low; some baby weight is evenly distributed all over while other women seem to just grow only in the stomach, while their face and limbs remain almost the same as when they weren’t prego. The trick is dressing your unique body type with the right silhouettes.

Flattering your pregnancy body when you’ve got the weight evenly distributed means going for long lines. Maternity maxi dresses are perfect for you. Bodycon midi dresses that hit you below the knee and dark, slimming colors are also your friends. Long or quarter sleeve dresses will help to slim your shoulders and arms.

For the lucky ones who seem to only grow in the belly, dresses that hit above the knee and short sleeve dresses make for adorable, fun pregnancy looks. Also, strapless dresses and tops accentuate your still-slim shoulders, arms and collar bones - it’s fresh, in season, on trend and super feminine. It also gives you a great canvas for a statement necklace, bracelet and rings!

Women who carry their baby bump up high can benefit from empire waist dresses, that help to separate bust from belly. It’s a classic silhouette for expectant moms that really says “I’m proud to be prego!” It’s the perfect cut for photo opps and baby showers. Women who carry their bump lower can flatter their body type with below the bump cuts that tuck in to accentuate the curve. Blouses with a little detail just under the bump, like a bit of lace or other detailing, really add that exclamation point to your adorable belly!

Pregnancy Fashion

The Pregnancy Fashion Cheat Sheet

There are two secret weapons for every woman, pregnant or not pregnant: the slimming power of leggings and of course, black clothes.

The little black dress (or the little black blouse, skirt, jacket, or anything, for that matter) is every woman’s best friend! Who says it can’t double as maternity clothes? Nothing beats the elegance and timelessness of black. It’s just a color choice that will never go out of style and will always make your pregnancy fashion look ultra chic. It’s appropriate for nearly every season and every occasion. You can’t go wrong with black pregnancy dresses or clothing!

Last but not least, leggings. Leggings are probably the most versatile piece of clothing you’ll ever own. From a street chic, casual look, to workout attire to pregnancy wear, the legging will never steer you wrong and will always keep your comfort level at ten!


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