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Fitness Goals for 2020

by Rebecca Gold 30 Jan 2020

It’s not just a new year - it’s a brand new decade! You blinked and a whole era passed you by. If you’ve been saying you’ll get in shape or be healthier next week, next month or next year - make 2020 when you finally do it. Many people set unrealistic goals for themselves that intimidate them and ultimately set them up for failure because the tasks seem so daunting. For 2020, the key is setting doable goals broken down into small habits you incorporate into your daily routine. Leverage the power of forming new habits to your advantage. Start chipping away at the giant iceberg that is “Becoming healthier” or “Getting in Shape,” and you’ll make some serious headway before you know it. 

Drink More Water

This is a very simple goal to set for yourself that will seriously help kickstart your metabolism and keep you feeling energized. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Water lubricates joints, helps transport nutrients to give you energy and keeps you performing at your best so you get the optimal benefits out of your workouts. If you’re trying to lose weight, water will definitely help. If you’re trying to build muscle - you guessed it - water. Staying hydrated is your secret weapon to build the body you want. If you’re not a fan of straight water, avoid any flavored waters that often have hidden sweeteners that can work against your goals. Try infusing your water with mint leaves, lemon slices, ginger pieces, rosemary and other light herbs or fruits that can give it a nice taste without adding sugar. Keeping up the frequency gets easier if you set reminders on your phone or use apps to help you remember to drink water throughout the day. 

Get More Sleep 

This is a small improvement you can make that will give you big results. This is absolutely key for anyone trying to build muscle and burn fat. Recommended hours of sleep are between 7-9. During workouts, we are essentially tearing the tissues and fibers that make up muscles - and at night, while we rest is when our bodies repair them and build them up. Studies have shown the effectiveness of getting sufficient sleep when it comes to bodybuilders and fit people reaching their goals. Find ways to incorporate more sleep into your routine. Make a conscious effort to hit the bed earlier, use apps to track your sleep or ask someone to hold you accountable. 


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Find a Workout Buddy or Join a Class 

This one will seriously help you boost your attendance and consistency. When you ask someone else to be part of your fitness journey, it will motivate you to stick to it much more than if it is just you by yourself. Get a buddy involved or join a class! Even get some friendly competition going - battle it out to see who can reach certain mile markers or benchmarks first. You can also hit the gym in matching workout gear like a cute set of fitness leggings and a sports bra. You and your fitness twin will never skip a workout if you’re both looking cute and ready to kick butt! 


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Become more Flexible by Stretching More 

One often overlooked aspect of fitness is flexibility. Being flexible will help your muscles and joint tissues move better and smoother. Being flexible will allow your range of motion to be wider, thus helping your exercises be more safe and effective. It will lower the chance for injury and you’ll be able to do more over time. If you’re very NOT flexible, start by taking a yoga or pilates class.


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