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Anti-Valentine's Day Ideas for the Single Ladies

by Rebecca Gold 05 Feb 2020

All the single ladies - put your hands up! You heard the Queen Bee - if you’re single, own that and live it up! If all the pink roses, teddy bears and candy hearts are making you just a little bit nauseous, might we suggest a mini rebellion with your gal pals? Gather the single girl squad and enjoy the day on your own terms. Here are some unconventional ways to turn Valentine’s Day into GALentine’s day with your girlfriends: 

Game Night

If you go out to any restaurant on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be stuck in crowded dining rooms teeming with couples enjoying romantic dinners. If that’s something you’d rather avoid, plan a fun night in with the girls. Get some video games going or ask your friends to bring board games like Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity or Uno. Keep it comfy and have everyone wear super lowkey outfits like leggings and tee shirt with fun socks, or sweats and cute crop tops - the complete opposite of what most other girls will be doing on the big day. Order pizza, crack open some drinks and enjoy a night in while everyone else is out. 

Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

If Valentine’s Day does more than just annoy you - like, it really gets under your skin...then take aim at the holiday and throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. You’ll be surprised at how many people share your sentiment! Host a singles only or single women only party! You can decorate with a big balloon banner that says “Love Stinks” - put up funny candy heart sayings like “go away” “boy, bye” “maybe never.” Get an anti-valentine’s day Piñata, put on some dance music or rock or hip hop - whatever is NOT romantically themed - and enjoy your “Gal”entine’s party without all the cliche, lovey-dovey stuff! 

Go to a Fitness Class Together

Another approach is to just ignore the holiday entirely. One place couples WON’T be on this super romantic day is at the gym. They’ll be too busy staring lovingly into each other’s eyes and sipping champagne. Gather the girls and take a yoga class, a dance class, or even a pole fitness class! Take it up a notch and get the girls to all wear coordinated or matching printed workout leggings and sports bras. Or just coordinate matching activewear outfits to create some festive energy as you all head to class to work on those “revenge bodies” together! 


image via @kitchentwins


image via @lauychar

Go for a Spa Day 

You can do this one alone or with a friend. It might be best to go with a girlfriend, though, since there might be couples getting couples massages at some spa places and it might feel better to be out with friends. Go get your hair done, your nails done and get some facials or relaxing back massages together. Forget what day it is and just enjoy relaxing together! Since all girlfriends and wives will have already got their hair and nails done to prepare for the day, that means these places might be emptier for you to go get yours done without being surrounded by a ton of heart-eye emojis in human form. 


image via @willowstar26


image via @francesca_skyola

Go to a Gun Range or take a Self Defense Class 

This is probably the most rebellious suggestion yet! If you’re interested in learning how to properly work a gun, head to the gun range and take aim at your least favorite holiday in the most boss babe way ever - point, aim and shoot. Gather the squad and let off a couple rounds to release any stress and anxiety you might have. If Guns are not your style, look up some self-defense classes - another valuable skill to have as a woman and as a human in general! You’ll have fun even if you go solo, but inviting friends is always much more fun. We promise, if you choose this activity, it will be an outing you and your gal pals will never forget!

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