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Forget the Boring Fall Traditions: Get Bold with our Floral Dresses

by Ivanna Griner 10 Aug 2016

While nature is turning leaves bright colors and creating beautiful patterns and textures, many designers ignore this and turn down the fun when it comes to Fall Styles. But who said Fall colors have to be dull and boring? For us, Fall 2016 is all about originality and breaking the mold. At Pineapple Clothing, we take inspiration from nature and clothe our pineapple girls and pineapple women in works of art made into clothing form.

There’s a lot going on in the third season of the year; for moms and school aged girls, like toddlers, young girls, pre-teens and teens, there's back to school shopping and orientations to Fall festivals, after school programs and parent-teacher meetings. For college students, there’s campus errands, book shopping and new classes to attend. The season brings all types of events for women and girls from all walks of life, what with fall and harvest festivals, social gathering, year-round gym time and group fitness classes and so much more. These are all opportunities to let personal style shine through!

This is the season for girls and women to express themselves. Instead of the same monochromatic styles, we’re launching a Fall line full of personality; Pineapple Clothing’s Fall line features some of the most beautifully crafted floral prints that bring a smile to both the wearer and those passing by. For an even more personalized, unique touch, rock a custom printed t-shirt with your name on clever, trendy catch phrases. 

Our dresses, leggings, blouses, tops and and more are become canvasses and we print them with our original, unique patterns that you won’t find in any other clothing line. Intricate patterns on our fabrics include poppies, daisies, roses and more; trendy palm fronds, psychedelic patterns and aztec style prints, among many other designs. Find all types of flattering silhouettes and styles: 

The Fall line is perfect for mix and matching outfits, like our vibrant leggings paired with a solid top or a festive, floral printed dress with a matched by solid-colored outerwear. It’s also great for stand- alone, statement looks. From the gym to the first day of school to after school programs; from college campus chic to evening wear glam; Pineapple Clothing is a diverse line, made for women and girls to rock their personal styles in a bold new way. 

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