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Holiday Shopping Forecast: Hottest Gifts for Girls and Women in 2016

by Ivanna Griner 31 Aug 2016



With the Fall and Winter seasons fast approaching, so is one of the most important times of the year: the holiday season. Each year, there are always those last minute shoppers that like to procrastinate, but the early bird crowd is already gearing up to stock up on gifts from now. Time tends to fly by, so the best thing to do (for your own sanity) is to at least start planning out your shopping list beforehand. We have the season’s forecast for the hottest gifting ideas for all the girls and women in your life to make your task of finding the perfect gift just a bit easier:

Holiday Party Outfits

Let’s be honest, slaying at holiday parties is all about standing out;  everyone wants to be seen in a fresh new outfit for those family and friends gatherings. Consider maybe gifting some women and girls on your list a bit earlier than on the actual holiday dates with a new outfit to rock on those special occasions. Day to evening dresses or cocktail dresses are always a win for these social reunions; shift dresses, body-con dresses and more are some of the most flattering silhouettes that are perfect for these events.

Personalized Gifts

Nothing says “I thought of you” more than a personalized gift; this holiday season, why not gift that niece, daughter, granddaughter or friend’s daughter with a customized t-shirt of her very own, rocking her name boldly displayed on a bright, fun print or added to a fun catch phrase?

This is a great gift idea for kids who like to stand out.


Activewear has become a big trend to wear beyond even just the gym, but also in daily casual wear. Brightly colored yoga leggings are no longer just for the gym but are now becoming common in casual wear around town; we’re spotting celebs rocking yoga leggings everywhere from the grocery store to the stage these days. Whether you’re on your way to a work out, just came from one or are just simply running errands, brightly colored activewear with stretchy fabrics, colorful prints like aztec patterns, florals and other designs make for a unique gift idea for young girls and women alike.

Mommy & Me Matching Outfits

There’s no bond like a mother daughter bond; why not encourage that with a special gift for both a mommy and a daughter that you know? (The extra perk: you get to knock off two birds with one gifting stone!) Gifting anything from matching yoga leggings to matching dresses make the perfect gift for moms and their mini-me’s to pull off that trending “twinning” look.

Spring/Summer Dresses

It seems that after the holidays, you blink and it’s Spring. With that comes Easter, Mother’s Day, and plenty of other Spring festivities. Women always appreciate outfits they can look forward to wearing, so why not gift season-appropriate florals for the months to come?

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