Posted on by Tina Bryant

Whether it’s still cold where you live or whether you’re starting to rock some tank tops and shorts in your area, it’s time to start shopping and dressing for spring! Even if you still have to keep around some coats and jackets if you’re dealing with snow and late winter cold, you can start transitioning into spring by putting away all the dark colors and focusing on keeping around light colored coats, pastels and metallics. Get focused on the fresh new trends for spring with these fresh spring looks:

Funky Printed Sports Bras or Tanks with Solid Palazzo Pants

Wide legged, high waisted palazzo pants are super taking over - forget a skinny jean! This is a hot trend that also happens to be super comfy for that effortless slouch glam. The contrast happens at the top; counter the flowy, wide pant with a tight fitted crop tank - a hack with this is choosing a sports bra! Crops are trending at such small, short lengths now that even a funky printed sports bra can replace a traditional tank. Choose a solid pant so you can go crazy with the top - with a floral printed sports bra, a chevron print, glitter print, or whatever! If it’s a fun print, you can’t go wrong.


Funky Printed Palazzo + Solid Top

The great thing about the Palazzo + tank look is that it can be flipped; bring the attention to the pant with a funky printed palazzo pant paired with a contrasting solid top. It can look super tropical and fun - like with a palm frond or jungle printed palazzo and a white halter top or a floral palazzo pant paired with any solid colored top. It’s an easy, breezy look that says “I’m ready for spring!” Rock it with some small, color tinted sunnies and you’ll be 100% on trend for the new season.

One Shoulder Dresses

The one shoulder look didn’t necessarily go anywhere, but it’s starting to have its own moment again. It’s being spotted time and time again on the runway, on instagram influencer fashion shoots, on the street - just everywhere. It can be a dramatic ruffly dress, it can be a one shoulder tank top, a one shoulder dress, or a one shoulder gown - this one is simple - If you’re rocking a one shoulder bodycon dress that’s floral, metallic, blue, green, lacey, or whatever - your look will give off nothing but fresh spring vibes!


Ruffles and Flounce

If it’s flowy and bouncy and breezy - it’s in. The theme we keep seeing - from the runways and high end designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and others - to the red carpet of the Grammys to everyday streetwear - is fun with fabrics. Choosing airy, light fabrics that move with your walk are the go-to spring look. Dresses with feminine ruffles on the hem make you look like a walking flower. Light reflecting satin continues to have its moment in fashion - rock a light, silvery satin dress with a wrap waist detail for an extra sophisticated yet flirty look. A sun dress with a long, ruffled hem, splashed with florals and a skirt that you can pick up and twirl in is a boldly feminine look that celebrates the lightness of the incoming season and the delicate beauty within. Rock ruffles and flounce for a winning spring look!