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Ready to Wear Grammys Glam - Best Fashion Looks from the Grammys

by Tina Bryant 27 Feb 2019

The Grammys came and went, and while it’s always exciting to hear about who won in their musical categories, our guilty pleasure and favorite part of it all is the fashion! 👀

We just LOVE seeing who wore what - and since it’s at the beginning of the year, it’s a great way to get a sneak peak of where fashion is going in the coming months. Here are some of our favorite looks and trends from the big Grammys weekend and how to rock it for everyday wear:

Marvelous in Metallics

The #1 trend that really stood out to us this Grammys ceremony was all the gorgeous metallics! Everyone seemed to be wanting to get their shine on and reflect the light they had within them - Lady Gaga wore a strapless Celine dress in a beautiful silver; Dua Lipa rocked a form fitting Versace gown, also strapless and in silver; Katy Perry had a little pop of metallic silver at the top of her otherwise cotton candy pink dress by Balmain; even former first lady Michelle Obama rocked an bold, powerful metallic pantsuit that had us wanting to ask her for some fashion tips!

Get the Look:

For a more ready to wear version of this trending metallic fabric look, opt for our beautiful navy blue metallic dresses - from strapless, metallic bodycon cocktail dresses to navy blue metallic shift dresses, sleeved party dresses, one-shoulder bodycon dresses and more silhouettes, the navy blue metallic fabric will make you look elegant and intriguing. If it’s the silver color you absolutely have to have, our streetwear version of these red carpet looks can be found as a grey/silver sleeveless satin cocktail party mini dress or a silver fit & flare dress; you can also get the look as a silver evening party top.


Shimmer and Bling

Shine in other forms also stole the show; from dresses with shimmer and small crystals, to studded suits and bejeweled accents, so many women of music were truly allowing themselves to light up the event in beautiful shimmery, crystalized gowns. Camila Cabello rocked a magenta Armani Prive gown covered in crystals; Jada Pinkett rocked a feathery pink dress with bejeweled silver embellishments; J-Lo’s white gown was also embroidered with silver stones and jewels; and even Post Malone’s pink suit was fully glammed out with silver studs.

Get the Look:

If you’re into glitter and glitzy embellishments, you’ll love our glitterized athleisure collection. You’ll find glitter inspired gold and black leggings, seamless glitter printed sports bra and performance shorts. You’ll take the glittery look into the gym or the yoga studio with our silver and pink glitter print leggings and sports bra, channeling Katy Perry’s, Post Malone’s, Jada’s and others’ pink and silver glitzy looks.


Think Pink!

Even in our descriptions focused on glitter and shiny embellishments, we couldn’t help but mention one of the most popular colors at the Grammys: pink! That’s because there was so much of it and in every shade. As we mentioned before, Camila Cabello, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Post Malone, and Katy Perry were all rocking different shades of pink; In addition to that, so were Cardi B, (inside of her splayed out skirt) Anna Kendrick in her pink, feathery number, and Kylie Jenner. It seems pink in all shades, no matter how soft or how bold, is a big color this season and possibly, all year long.

Get the Look:

This is an easy one. Any silhouette goes and if it’s pink, you’re in. At Pineapple Clothing, we have endless options for pink clothes. From coral pink shift dresses to bold floral print pink leggings to elegant, pink satin tops to pink blush bodycon dresses and more, you have plenty to choose from to take this look and turn the red carpet pink.


Ruffled Chic

You can tell the designers and the artists were having a fun taking chances with their looks this year - we saw so many showstopping embellishments, but one we kept seeing in a variety of silhouettes, fabrics and colors was ruffles. Some ruffles came in the form of soft, ethereal fabrics, like the bottom of Bebe Rexha’s beautiful red ball gown or Katy Perry’s pink cloud of a dress; We saw ruffles incorporated into the side of Gaga’s dress, at the top of Kylie Jenner’s pantsuit, surrounding the shoulders of Heidi Klum’s white mini dress, and smack in the center of Cardi B’s iconic showstopper. Ruffles were and are totally making a statement this Grammy season!

Get the Look:

At Pineapple Clothing, we love a good ruffle. You’ll find plenty of ruffles in our designs, particularly on the hem of many of our dresses and tops. For Spring, you’ll find beautiful satin lavender, brown or silver dresses with ruffles at the hemline, or even floral halter tops with ruffle embellishments along the bottom. Just because the fabric is at its end on a particular piece doesn’t mean it has to end in a boring straightforward hem; we like to add that extra bit of drama and go out with a bang!

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