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Fun Fall Family Bonding Activities

by Tina Bryant 31 Oct 2018

The season that heralds all the end of the year festivities has finally arrived! Fall is a magical time when temperatures start to drop,  autumn breezes pick up, crisp fall air creates a mysterious ambience and the changing leaves make you want to go bobbing for apples and reach for some pumpkin pie! Now is the perfect time to touch base with your family, especially if you lead a busy life when spending time with them gets to be more and more difficult. Take a moment to create some memories with them now that you’ll all look back on and cherish for years to come. There are so many things to do! Here’s some ideas for some Fall family fun.

Pumpkin Patch Photoshoot

In October, there is no shortage of pumpkin patches in the U.S. It’s so much fun to take the kids out and watch them pick out the perfect pumpkin that they’ll be carving later that month. But the double benefit is the wonderful Fall backdrop you’ll get! Hay bales and pumpkins make for a great photo opp. You can even plan it more perfectly by having everyone dress up for the occasion or coordinate matching family outfits! Mother - daughter matching is super cute and there’s plenty of mommy and me outfits out there. Same for father-son outfits. Make it a fun fall photoshoot that you can post online or get the photos developed and put them up on your walls or fridge.


Roadtrip to the Mountains

This is for the adventurers out there. If you’re up to it, the U.S. has some breathtaking Fall foliage. The Fall magic lies in the bright red, or orange or yellow maple leaves that are seen in the northern states. If you don’t already live in those areas, you might want to take the family sightseeing. Check out the Smoky mountains or the Pocono Mountains, stop for hot cider on the way, take plenty of pictures and indulge in some excursions along the way!


Hit a Theme Park

Many theme parks have seasonal attractions during the Fall. Universal Studios in Orlando has their Halloween Horror Nights  - (fun for families with older kids and for those who enjoy being scared in haunted houses) or Disney’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Throw on some Mickey ears and enjoy the parks’ Halloween themed shows, trick or treating throughout the park and of course, the park’s famous rides! For an extra bit of fun, get the family together in matching shirts or coordinating outfits to make the whole outing even more memorable.


Family Trip through Historical Sites

If nature sightseeing isn’t your thing, maybe history is! The U.S. has so much history - head to historical towns like Colonial Williamsburg, a site full of American Revolution landmarks. You can catch tours and re-enactments galore where your kids can learn about the country’s past. Or if you’re into more of a spooky vibe, you can go to the mecca of Halloween - Salem, Massachusetts. This town is known for its famous witch hunts in the 1600’s and is thought to be haunted. The town is decked out in Halloween decorations, themed shows, tours and activites all month long. Your kids will enjoy the decorations, have fun doing something new and exciting and learn about history all at the same time. Other well known recommended historical destinations to visit include Boston, Massachusetts or Savannah, Georgia - supposedly, the most haunted town in America.

Pumpkin Carving and Movie Night

This plan is a little more low key and easy to do since it involves staying at home! Put some cookies in the oven or make some kettle corn and hot apple cider and pop in a classic Fall or Halloween favorite like Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, or (depending on your kids ages) The Craft or Friday the 13th and set up a pumpkin carving station on the dining room table or on the floor. You can cover the surface of your choosing with cardboard or towels to catch all the pumpkin guts you’re about to spread around. Have a quick pow wow with the kids about what their jack o lantern will be and maybe start by outlining the jack o’ lantern’s face with sharpie as a guide. Then get to carving!

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