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Pick of the Week - A Piece of Sun

by Tina Bryant 28 Oct 2018

Congratulations to the “A Piece of Sun” outfits for being our #happyinpineapple pick of the week. You don’t feel totally ready to say goodbye to the summer - and that’s ok - so with sunny printed items you can transition yourself into autumn style while still enjoying the late summer sunshine, feeling seasonable and stylish. Make your look autumn ready: whether you workout or just walk around to get some fresh air. It’s all in how you style it.

"When life throws you lemons, make yoga leggings out of them. Cute leggings 💛🎉" -

"These sports wear from Pineapple Clothing are just perfectly amazing!" - 

"When life gives you lemons, turn them into cute leggings🍋. Love my leggings!" - 

"I love this outfit it is so cute and very comfortable to dance in!! 🍋🍍" - 

"When life gives you lemons...wear them. Twinning with a baby girl." -


"One of the reasons I chose the lemon design was simply because I knew it would go with my lime water bottle. Loving my leggins!" -


" Loving my new yoga set!" - 

"I was a bit worried there for a moment but luckily had my leggings to keep me on the bright side." -


"Feeling summery in my lemon leggings!" -


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