Posted on by Mary Visconti

Happy October! 🎃 It’s finally spooky season and if you’re mini-me is into Halloween, she’s probably been bouncing off the walls with excitement about the big night! Black cats, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, ghouls, witches and goblins - ‘tis the season for happy haunting! Going to Halloween parties and trick or treating is so much fun for young kids. If your little one hasn’t decided on a costume yet, help her find the perfect Halloween costume for this year’s celebrations with some of these fun ideas: 

Mermaid Costume

Is your little girl obsessed with mermaids? Then maybe this year’s costume should be a magical maiden of the sea! Dress her up in a cute bottom that resembles fish scales but has iridescent purples, blues, pinks or greens - anything that represents the magic of the sea. This can be paired with a cute top that has seashells or aquatic designs. If she’s looking for something that she can be active in and not have to worry about feeling restricted, she can try doing a version of the mermaid with mermaid print leggings instead of a skirt design. You can have fun with a fun colored wig or just styling her hair with seashells and shiny hair clips. 


Unicorn Costume

Unicorns have been a BIG hit this year, so don’t be surprised if your daughter tells you she wants to be one of these beautiful, mythical creatures this year. There are many ways she can interpret a unicorn. There are plenty of unicorn costumes on the market, but if you’re looking for something more unique, she can put together an all-white look and accessorize with a cute horn headband and sparkly face jewels. If she wants to go less literal, she can always try rocking cute unicorn print leggings with a white top, a unicorn print t-shirt and the horn headband. 


Flower Child Costume

Bringing back the 60’s can be fun! If your little girl has an old soul and loves boho style, she will love dressing up as a 60’s flower child. The best part of this costume is the wide range of options you have. You can do a store-bought costume, but putting together your own look can look much more unique and authentic. Start with a vibrantly printed pair of palazzo pants that flare out at the bottom. Choose flower prints and fun colors! Pair with a flowy halter top and 60’s inspired jewelry and mini color-tinted sunglasses. The plus with this is that the look can still be worn as a regular sunday outfit after Halloween! 


Cheetah or Leopard Costume

Almost everyone has dressed up as some sort of cat at some point or another - this is a Halloween classic and almost a rite of passage. You can do an all-black cat costume with a black bodysuit, a tail and ears + cat makeup and yellow eyes (if your little one can do contacts.) Or, you can be more creative and choose a more wearable version of this costume using a leopard print dress paired with cat ears and a tail. This is a good option if your little one wants to be on-theme but not fully in costume while at school. 


Princess Costume

There’s nothing like a good  princess costume. If your daughter doesn’t want a store-bought princess dress, or if you’re looking to put together something more unique and wearable, you can always use a cute skater dress that poofs out like the classic princess silhouette with the colors of the princess you’re trying to emulate. Maybe your daughter wants to channel a hipster or modern version of a princess; to do this, you can use a wearable skater dress + some modern accessories, like thick rimmed glasses, a scrunchie and leggings under the dress, worn with comfy flats. It will be a fresh new take on a Halloween classic!