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What to Gift an October Birthday Girl

by Mary Visconti 25 Oct 2019

Need to get a gift for an October birthday girl? That means you’re looking for the perfect gift for either a Libra girl (September 23 - Oct 22) or a Scorpio girl (Oct 23-November 22.) If you are struggling with what to get your friend, your daughter’s friend, your cousin, co-worker or whomever, here are some ideas based on their zodiacs that fall in October. 

Gift ideas for a Libra Girl: September 23 - Oct 22 - The Libra girl counts as an air sign. She is charming, cool headed and calculated. She is clever, witty and has a great sense of humor.  Libra girl loves things to be orderly and tidy; she is a master diplomat and loves nice things with beautiful aesthetics. 

That being said, Libras love things that help keep their lives orderly, comfortable, beautiful and smelling and tasting good. So you can get them things like candles, bedding, cute organizational items for their desk or work areas, and oil diffusers. As far as things to please their love for aesthetics, think beautification - so makeup, clothes, purses, shoes and accessories. Libras like things that serve multiple purposes and really improve their lives. So getting them cute activewear - like a cute set of printed leggings and a matching sports bra top is the perfect gift. Lastly, Libras like to indulge and reward themselves - so if you Libra girl has a sweet-tooth, maybe getting her some chocolates, nice coffees, macaroons - or a gift card to her favorite restaurant, bar or froyo place is a surefire way to make her smile on her special day. 


Gift Ideas for a Scorpio Girl: (Oct 23-November 22) - Scorpio girl is driven by passion and power. It is, contrary to popular belief, a water sign, not a fire sign. A Scorpio girl, like the Libra girl, is very calculated in the way they make decisions and move about in life. She is ambitious and enticing and makes a true and loyal friend. 

When it comes to gifting a Scorpio girl, she wants to know that you truly know her personality and understand her likes and dislikes. You can’t get her a one-size-fits-all gift; for her, you should aim for customized items that have personal touches. A custom printed tee with her name on it or a bracelet in her favorite style and color with charms that represent what she likes on it are great ideas for her. Scorpio loves to be in control and like to be bold - so consider getting her bold looks when it comes to dresses, leggings and shirts. A shift dress or a bodycon dress with a bold print can be her favorite statement piece to wear out. Be sure to look for darker, richer colors, as Scorpios love a little intrigue and mystery in their look. Lastly, consider things that help her feel and be powerful - things like an elegant passport holder, a purse or wallet will be a hit with her. If you can add a touch of personalization to these items, you’ll hit a homerun.

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