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Halloween Themed Outfits You Can Wear All Month Long!

by Mary Visconti 29 Oct 2019

If you and your little one LOVE Halloween and are excited that it’s finally October, then you probably don’t want to wait just until the last days of the month to enjoy it. Get into the spirit all month long! Ok, so you can’t dress up in costumes all month - for one, her friends and teachers at school will probably find it a little strange - and we’re sure your coworkers will also be giving you the side-eye at work, too, if you show up in a costume every day! But not to worry, there are other ways to show your love for the holiday throughout the month. Here are some more wearable ideas that will having you look spooky and cute all month long: 

Cropped Halloween Tees

A good cropped tee, tied at the waist or just cut short is super trending now. Rock a printed tee with a Halloween themed graphic on it - whether it’s a graphic print with a ghost, a witch, a pumpkin or a skull; it could also be a tee with a saying or an image from your favorite Halloween movie. As simple as it is, a lot of people love Halloween and spooky movies. We guarantee whichever movie or book you choose to show off on your tee, you will find other fans while you’re out and about who will compliment your shirt! It’s the perfect, casual look for a Fall day. If it’s cool, rock it with jeans, a maxi cardigan and some converses. 


Halloween Printed Leggings

If you’re a fan of athleisure, you’ll love Halloween printed leggings. Leggings are the holy grail of versatility - they can take you from the gym to school to work (if you work in a casual environment) to running errands to the mall and almost anywhere else. Find some festive, spooktacular printed leggings with skulls, or a pumpkin printed legging - or even a ghost printed leggings and pair with either a matching printed sports bra for your workout or yoga class - or find a loose fitting tank or long sleeve top in a solid color to create some contrast and balance. For a crisp Fall day, add some nice, warm boots and head out. 


All Black Witchy Vibes

You might not want to be so blatant with your Halloween themed looks - maybe you want to channel your inner Marnie from Halloweentown or be on a bit of a ‘Woman in Black’ or ‘The Craft’ vibe. Assemble a bewitching look with long sleeved black tops, black lace, combat boots and layers. Add a dark, wine-colored lip for a pop of color and some wine or purple nails. Rocking moon and star necklaces and jewelry will add an extra touch of mystical intrigue to your look. Another way to pull this off, without being completely monochromatic, is to rock black stockings and brown combat boots. Layer up with deep, rich hues of emerald greens, scarlets or purples, against a black backdrop. Play with textures and play up that winged cat eyeliner and a bold red lip to finish off the look! 


For the real Halloween lovers, it isn’t just on the 31st - Halloween is ALL month long! Express yourself everyday as you countdown to the best day of the year! 👻👻👻

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