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Our Most Empowering #HappyInPineapple Yogis' Accounts to Follow

by Tina Bryant 01 Nov 2019

In an era of digital influence, plenty of bloggers capture our attention, so we spend practically all the time on Instagram. Let's be frank, Instagram and social media in general, have already replaced food markets, pay offices, boutiques. But besides this, Instagram is a great place to get that extra-inspiration we need sometimes before starting something new: performing yoga or visiting pole dance classes. Really, there’s plenty of useful information we can find on Instagram: from Keto diets to the best workout playlists to yoga lessons. Virtual yoga studios are popular for the following reasons: they don't require you to go somewhere - you can stay in your cozy home and repeat all the moves and poses after yoga instructor; these online classes cost you nothing; you can schedule your timetable and won’t be worried about rushing, trying not to be late again; plus you can try yoga with your mini-me.

If you’re still reading this and would love to join a yoga world, then here are the 8 most empowering, inspiring, #happyinpineapple yogis’ accounts we recommend you to follow. Taking to the ‘gram is one of the easiest ways to start.


Yoga lover and traveler Maria Cristina from the Philippines posts simple and hard-to-do yoga poses and motivational captions that will make you start performing yoga with her. Her page is a great place to get to know useful information about body care, yoga apparel, and healthy food.


Sunny Caroline coaches women to focus on basic health & wellness in order to lead extraordinary lives. Her inspirational posts will encourage you to harness your own power, love yourself, and empower others.


Yogi and nurse Tischia from California tackles topics like emotional health, yoga outdoors, and travels. Her posts vary and feature a sunny, light-hearted tone. Follow @yoginurse20 for a daily vitamin C.


Napa’s Instagram is full of encouragement, so seeing it daily will for sure give you a boost to practice yoga and shop for comfy yoga outfits. If you have kids and would love to encourage them to perform yoga with you – follow Napa to learn some kid-friendly yoga positions.


Yogi Patricia’s feed is full of encouraging posts and videos, travel destinations, and delicious Italian food. Her posts have a great social engagement, so you can discuss specific questions with her community. Following the @jesuispoppy Instagram account, you’ll never forget about your morning stretch and tasty pizza.


Learn everything about ashtanga yoga by following this account. “Come learn more about yourself through the practice of ashtanga yoga. No previous yoga experience needed”, – Jill is welcoming you. Being a world explorer, Jill’s Instagram shines with epic yoga pictures from all over the world.


Paola’s motivational captions and stunning images will make you get up from the couch and “remind yourself of how strong you are”. Paola offers a lot of meditational yoga poses. If you are often in stressful situations, follow this account. Through the practice of Paola’s asanas and meditation, you may find relief and a way to cope with this stress.


Ashtanga and Vinyasa teacher Sara has a huge Instagram community, and we hope her unique yoga performing will make you feel like you were born to do yoga every day. Her account filled with adorable images that are totally like-worthy. The US-based professional yogi will inspire you and give you the power to transform your world. Follow to stay tuned!

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