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Summer Leggings Looks

by Rebecca Gold 17 Aug 2022

The beloved leggings - it’s a staple in everyone’s closet. Like the little black dress or like the perfectly fitting jeans - the leggings is that comfortable, flattering and versatile piece that makes getting dressed easier. Leggings take multita sking and versatility to another level! You can literally wear the same pair to a yoga class in the morning, then go to work for a full 8 hours, then head to dinner and drinks later - and it would never look out of place. Styling leggings for the Fall and Winter is easy, but how do you style it for the summer? Here are a few of our favorite ways to make leggings stylish and trendy for summer.

Pair it with a Loose-Fitting Top

Pair it with a Loose-Fitting Top

Leggings are form-fitting, so add some contrast to the look by pairing it with a loose, airy top. If you’re at the office, go with an oversized button-up that drapes with a relaxed fit on top to contrast the tight leggings fit. If you’re headed to the beach, a bridal shower or the mall, pair them with a breezy summer top. An off-the-shoulder blouse with plenty of volume and layers also gives it a super femme flair. Let the ocean breeze flow through that top and give you the ultimate summery vibe.

Pair it with a Loose-Fitting Top

Loose-Fitting Shacket + Leggings + a Baseball Hat and Sunglasses

This combo is the ultimate incognito celeb signature look. It’s the type of outfit we see every celeb wear at the airport or going to pick up their dry cleaning. You’ll love how effortlessly chic it is and the versatility. It’s perfect for the temperature change between being outside in the insane heat and going inside to the freezing cold department stores as you run your errands. If it gets too hot, you can always take off the shacket and tie it around your waist and boom - you have a whole other look that says “I’m too busy to try too hard - but I still look fly!”

Matching Crop-Top and Legging Set

Years ago, this look would have only been appropriate for the gym. But these days, anything goes. That includes a matching crop-top and leggings set worn to things like brunch dates, running errands and even parties. It’s all about styling it appropriately for the environment. Since it’s sunny season, choose bright colors and fun prints for your coordinated outfit. Matching floral printed leggings and sports bra sets looks great at the beach, in the gym, or out and about as you run errands. Other fun summer prints that can make a splash: pineapple printed leggings, palm tree printed leggings, lemon printed leggings, tye-dye printed and glitter printed leggings.     

Want an effortlessly chic outfit that you can rock comfortably indoors and out? Wearing a floor-length, sleeveless vest adds a flair of sophistication that’s perfect for a city girl. It gives you more coverage for slightly more buttoned-up environments, but isn’t too hot to wear outside. Add jewelry, some sunnies and heels and you’ve just taken what’s normally gym-wear to elegant new levels.

Matching Crop-Top and Legging Set

Matching Crop-Top and Legging Set

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