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How to Rock Floral Print in the Fall

by Ivanna Griner 12 Sep 2016

Labor Day Weekend has come and gone - that means the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall...but this doesn’t mean our wardrobes have to go completely solid and monochrome. You’ve heard of florals for Spring, but what about florals for your fall wardrobe? Spring is the season where flowers bloom and there’s color everywhere but Fall is the season when leaves change color and the colors of nature are absolutely on fire! Fall brings a different palette of colors, rich reds and browns, bright oranges and yellows, complementing the more somber, yet romantic mood that comes with the change of seasons.

Florals have made a huge splash in fashion during the last couple of seasons, whether it be with the flower crown obsession, seen at music festivals, or with the dark and muted floral prints that debuted at the Fall shows in February, everywhere from Paris to Milan, and it makes sense because they’re beautiful. However, contrary to popular thought, floral prints are really versatile. Here are a few ways you can incorporate flower prints into your autumn wardrobe tastefully and successfully:

Dark Florals

Florals don’t always have to be bright or pastel colors; they also look beautiful in the more Fall appropriate shades, such as muted colors, neutrals, or richer, deeper hues. As seen on the runways this season, dark florals are going to be huge for the fall/winter season. These florals can be worn on a dress, on a t-shirt or even on your leggings, anywhere you go you’ll have the festive spirit of fall with you. If you think scarlet roses, amber petals, mustard yellow backdrops, burnt oranges and even flowers on black backdrops, you’re definitely on track to a stylish season.

Casual Looks & Contrast

The casual yet cute look can be achieved by layering; wearing a floral print dress with solid colored outerwear creates an interesting, dynamic look with a little more to it than just one thing. Wearing a more rich colored floral print dress or blouse or maybe a brighter color can be adapted to the autumn feel by pairing it with a darker, solid color. This adds contrast in 2 ways; contrasting the busier floral print with a solid color and countering a more vibrant color with a darker one. It’s really all about balance within your outfit. Try combining floral print shirts with black leggings or jeans or some nude or muted color bottoms.

Formal Wear, Social Wear and Evening Wear

Florals are versatile; they can be super casual or more dressed up. They make for great dressy looks that help to jazz up your look for social gatherings, formal events and even evening wear . Floral print dresses and skirts are perfect for the autumn festivities approaching. For family gatherings, like Thanksgiving, you can show everyone your sense of fashion and love for the season in fall florals. The hues might even match the party decor.

Whether it be for going to the pumpkin patch, to the gym or for a night out, florals are the perfect print for the fall season. You can dress them up or down to conform to your own personal style. Bust out of the cliches and do your own thing this season by incorporating florals into your outfits!

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