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Season Essentials: Dresses for Holidays

by Ivanna Griner 20 Sep 2016

As September flies by, the Holiday season is quickly approaching; this means the time for social gatherings and endless parties and events to attend. There’s a simple solution for all your upcoming events- dresses. Dresses are a staple in any woman’s closet, whether it be party dresses, more formal evening dresses, little black dresses and even off the shoulder dresses. There’s a dress available for every woman, for every and any event she might be attending during the Fall/Winter season.

With the start of the Fall/Winter season comes more freedom on fashion, you can wear bold, dark, exuberant colors that’ll blend in perfectly with the chilly weather. During the upcoming holidays, when you’ll be around friends and family, you can express your individuality and personal style through the use of color and print in your outfits. Holiday dressing can be tricky, having to find the perfect mixture between chic and family friendly, all while standing out, and the easiest way to do this is in a dress. Women’s dresses for the Holidays are perfect, because although they’re simple, they’re also versatile and most of all comfortable and flattering to all body types.  


The Statement Piece -

For some the colder months signifies dark, monochromatic looks, but there are no rules in fashion, so why not go for a bold statement piece? If you want to stand out from the crowd a pop of color or a bold print can do just that. One of the most iconic and timeless statement pieces one can wear is the one shoulder dress, and to really stand out, why not add a bright, geometric and floral print. Putting two prints together may sound like a lot for some, but when done right it’s sure to have all eyes on you at any event. A one shoulder dress not only makes a statement, but it’s also flattering to all body types, emphasizing all the right curves.

In order to really make an extra bold statement, you can even match with your little one. Wearing matching print dresses will emphasize the special bond shared between the two of you.


The Little Black Dress -

A Little Black Dress has always been an iconic staple in any woman’s closet, it’s easy to wear, versatile and flattering, everything a woman looks for in an outfit. But why not add a pop of color to this timeless staple? A Little Black Dress with a floral print will be much more original, feminine and will definitely have you stand out in the crowd. This fun take on the LBD doesn’t take away from its timelessness, but rather it adds to it. Floral prints are thought of as something that’s just from Spring or Summer, but paired with the black background of the LBD, they’re perfect for the Fall/Winter season.


Original Evening Dresses -

The Fall/Winter season means endless events, parties, and family gatherings, therefore you’ll need a look for all of these events. For more formal events, whether it be the office holiday party, Thanksgiving Dinner or New Year’s Eve celebrations, an evening dress will be any woman’s go-to item. At any of these events what you really want is to stand out, that’s why you should find an evening or party dress that will help you express your individuality. This can be done through the use of prints, whether it be florals, geometric, psychedelic, aztec prints, or anything else you may like, what’s important is you make it your own.

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