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How to Style Animal Prints for Fall

by Rebecca Gold 11 Nov 2020

A staple in the fashion world since the early 1930s, animal prints are, once again, part of the fall season’s hottest looks. They come and go, often reappearing on the scene in new, exciting ways. Every year, designers dream up new iterations, making the prints reincarnate into more exciting, unexpected versions of themselves by sending innovative looks and pieces down the runway. 

If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe for the Fall and Winter season this year, here are the best ways to incorporate animal print into new, stylish everyday wear.

Staying On-Trend

Staying On-Trend

If you want to get straight to it, simply incorporating these specific, on-trend animal prints into your closet will have you looking fashion forward and current for Fall/Winter 2020: 

Animal Print from Head to Toe

Animal Print from Head to Toe

Animal print from head to toe - go big or go home! Whether it’s leopard print, zebra print, snakeskin or any other print, committing to a print 100% and flaunting it consistently throughout your top, bottom and even your shoes is a bold way to wear it. It’s a statement look that sets you apart. Wearing an animal print from head to toe can be slightly nerve wracking because not everyone does it. But this is why you’ll exude fearlessness, confidence and inspire others to express themselves to the max.

Whether it’s a snakeskin print bodycon dress for a night out, a snakeskin print athleticwear set, or leopard printed leggings or biker shorts + a matching leopard skin sports bra for the gym, or any other animal print outfit, own it!



A classic way to wear animal print is to pair it with solids. Zebra stripes, leopard spots and snakeskin grab attention right away. They are a definitive choice and the best way to balance out that assertive, boldness is to pair it with a solid.

Whether you choose to rock the print at the top or the bottom, you’ll always be in-style if you pair an animal print, like leopard, with a solid black skirt, or maybe a white tank top or crop top. Wear a snakeskin or leopard print midi skirt with a mid-calf or low bootie for the ultimate autumnal vibe. If you’re headed to the gym and want to rock some cute leopard print leggings, wear them with a loose fitting black or white top to balance it out.

MIxing Art & Animal Print

Mixing Art & Animal Print

One super-modern approach to animal prints that is very uniquely 2020 is a more artsy take on them. Instead of focusing on the animal’s skin or fur layer, we’re now seeing wearable murals of the animal’s face, creatively drawn on a specific part of the clothing item. 

For example, a yoga pant or legging with a wolf watercolor or painting along the side is an intriguing and refreshing way to channel your inner spirit animal. Or a sketchy rendition of a giraffe, cheetah, zebra or snake, printed throughout a fabric gives off trendy safari vibes.

Another artistic way to incorporate animal print into your Fall/Winter ensembles is to rock a mix of prints. A fun floral up against the backdrop of a strong leopard print sounds chaotic, but it actually looks amazing and forward. 

Print with a POP!

Another hot style trend this season is to combine a bold animal print with an eye-catching POP! Of color. Wearing a leopard print bodycon dress? Break up all that leopard with a bright pink, electric blue or orange pump. Even neon/lime green or yellow looks great when worn in combination with leopard, snakeskin or zebra. This is definitely another statement look and meant to be worn with confidence - so be sure you get comfortable in your outfit and strut!

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