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Matching With Your Mini Me Is Always A Brilliant Idea!

by Rebecca Gold 02 Jan 2019

Going to a birthday party, family dinner, to the movies or doing yoga with your daughter? Why don’t you make it even more of a special occasion and wear matching outfits which you’ll rock together!

Since childhood, every girl wants to look exactly like her mom, especially when it comes to dressing up. That’s why we paid great attention to this and created a Mommy & Me line that will meet the needs of every mother who wants her daughter to be alike.

This trend is nothing like any other one as twinning with your little one definitely feels like the best thing ever, so no wonder why other designers were sure to get a “doppelgänger” trend go viral and take over not only a fashion world but also ordinary families. However, our “Mini Me” collection is the most exceptional and literally THE BIGGEST one in the whole world! There’s a wide range of matching looks including uniquely printed leggings, comfy casual and dressy tops, gorgeous dresses, vibrant pants or fabulous skirts that will produce an impact on every mother out there. Not only do our Mommy & Me outfits provide a precious mother-daughter bond and let them express their personalities, but also are outstanding and very eye-catching, obviously in a good way!

Our matching clothes are all about making your lives and the lives of your children as exciting as possible. So, don’t hesitate and go grab some matching outfits and feel as special as you are indeed and finally experience what it actually means to have #happyinpineapple vibes!


"Oh my gosh we are in love with these matching mommy/ daughter dresses from @pineappleclothing_com 🍍💛🍍💛🍍 #feelingfancy at my baby sister’s wedding rehearsal 👌🏻"


"Matchy matchy with my little one at my beautiful cousins baby shower/gender reveal party. Miss A and I are both wearing a white stretchy lace empire dress from @pineappleclothing_com"


"Penny and I love matching outfits (you all know this LOL)"


"Friday evening spent well !!! Our #fridayswag !!! Got this matching dress from @pineappleclothing_com"


"#twinning is #winning !❤️❤️ #twinsies with my #mom"


"I am so #excited to #finally share my #favorite #mommyandme #dresses #sweetlila and I have! Thanks #pineappleclothing 🍍 for the super #soft and #comfortable #stylish dresses. (Lila didn't even want to take it off.) 🍍"


"Having the best time at @unistudios in our matching and super comfy @pineappleclothing_com Chichi Lucy leggings. ✨"

"my baby girl and I #happyinpineapple #pineappleclothing #mommyandme #mommyandmefashion #instafashion"


"Ok nowww we’re professional yogis since we have matching leggings right?! How cute are these leggings though? And they come in mini size also for the little babes 😍😍 so happy with all the leggings @pineappleclothing_com sent us, comfy material and they have SO many options!"


"Matchy matchy with my mini💕 These are seriously the most comfortable leggings ever. They have the tummy tuck waist band and don’t slide down while you workout or chase around the kids!"

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