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Pick of the Week – Making Waves

by Tina Bryant 30 Dec 2018

Every woman loves to hear compliments and is ready to do crazy things that would make a secret admirer shower her with sweet words. When a desire to be noticed gets the best of you, you dare to show how beautiful you are, inside and out. Your number one priority becomes making waves wherever you go. And if your closet is not ready, you can always rely on your best friend or the best clothes website to pick up so much cute stuff to sweep someone off their feet. This is that! We are glad to announce the “Making Waves” collection, a bestseller at this week. Warning, guys! Girls in purple mermaid print outfits are like magnets, you can’t resist catching a glimpse of them.

"I felt so comfortable wearing this dress, the material is cooling and very soft to touch." -


"Okay - we are obsessed. And SO excited because we are about to become the most EXTRA mom and daughter duo in the world." -


"The perfect activewear coming to life on Rhodes ❤️" -


"#happyinpineapple family!" -


"Got these funky leggings from @pineappleclothing_com" -


"Most comfortable leggings ever and holding it all together lol. Proofs in the pic look at me living my best siren life." -


"Thank you @pineappleclothing_com! She looks beautiful in her outfit!" -


"Working on having a mermazing day 🧜🏻‍♀️ Carlie got to pick our matching outfits so naturally we are mermaid themed!" -


"I'm just loving colors in this one 🧘🏼‍♀️" -


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