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Mommy and Me Matching Outfits for Casual Summer Outings

by Ivanna Griner 26 Aug 2017

Mommy and me outfits have been the go-to trend for moms and their daughters looking for special occasion outfits and perfect photo op moments. But twinning with your mini-me doesn’t have to be reserved just for fancy, dress-up occasions; it’s an adorable look for casual days too. It helps make the everyday, mundane activities more festive and in some cases, can even help with safety in crowds, making you all more identifiable as family that belongs together. Here are just some of the moments that are great for rocking coordinating looks with your little one:


Beach Days and Sunny Weekends

One of the best things about the summer is all the warmth and sun that allows for pool or beach days. If you’re headed to the beach, or just have a sunny weekend to enjoy together, mother daughter matching summer dresses are a perfect choice. Bright prints and colors that pop paired with, light airy fabrics are the quintessential summer look. No need for a specific event to match - a beautiful day out and about or oceanside is reason enough to coordinate looks!


Visiting Theme Parks

If you didn’t make a trip to a theme park, did you really even enjoy summer at all? With school out and the sun out, there’s no better time to hit the water parks, roller coasters and rides than summer. If you’re a mom headed there with just your daughter or daughters, mommy and me outfits are a great way to turn an otherwise casual adventure into an event to remember! You can play with matching pieces, such as just mommy and me matching tops that say the same thing or share the same print, silhouette or color. Themed looks are perfect for photo ops and actually come in handy for picking your child out in a crowd, if there should be any instance where the two of you become separated for any reason. If the whole family is going, matching family outfits will make it extra special! The more the merrier; and again, matching colored tops, matching printed leggings, dresses or whatever you choose, will make for a great way to be safe and identify the members of your family in a crowd to ensure you all stay together.


Running Errands

The most casual occasion, next to simply staying home and watching movies all day, is running errands. It’s going to the grocery store, the gym, going shopping, getting manis and pedis - whatever is on your agenda, if you’re doing it together with your little one, make it a little more fun for her by matching. She’ll likely not be too excited about having to go grocery shopping or worse, sit with you at the bank while you do the boring “adult” stuff. But if she has to be with you for it all, cute mother daughter matching clothing could help make it more fun. Maybe as an extra incentive, you could throw in a little trip to the ice cream parlor for sticking with you through it all.

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