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Why Bodycon Dresses are the Most Flattering Wardrobe Hack Ever

by Ivanna Griner 20 Sep 2017

In the world of fashion, there are so many silhouettes, fabrics and colors to choose from, it can be dizzying. Everyone’s out to find pieces that fulfill two key things: A) outfits that express who they are and their own individual style; and B) clothing that makes them look good. It doesn’t get any simpler than that! When you boil it all down, good clothing and fashion should flatter your body type, accentuate it and make you comfortable while doing so.

This brings us to our style cheat code: the bodycon dress. The name Body ‘con’ comes from body ‘conscious.’ While there’s just too many variable body types and differing factors like skin tone, age and size, this one silhouette seems to just always flatter the wearer. Looking sexy in a bodycon dress is like looking sexy in the classic ‘little black dress’ - it just seems to work for everyone! Here are just some of the reasons the body dress is the ultimate style hack:

It Showcases Curves

You got it, so flaunt it! Sexy bodycon dresses celebrate a woman’s shape, whether it’s petite or full figured. For full figured women, it tends to be that body-hugging perfection that can be hard to find in other types of dresses. Wearing spanx underneath can help to smooth out every inch, if things like tighter underwear prove to be showing through or creating unwanted bulges. Moms to be, this dress looks extra cute on you! Pregnant women with baby bumps to show off look chic and beautiful in this.

It Exudes Effortless Style

The bodycon dress is a timeless shape that isn’t going anywhere for a long time and is still, somehow, perfectly on trend right now. It tends to make the wearer look simply elegant and put together but is still somehow very comfortable; the same can’t be said for a lot of other ultra sophisticated looks.

For cooler weather, a long sleeve bodycon dress can keep you warm and still look super chic. If you’re running errands, that pencil dress that you wore for work yesterday can be restyled with some sneakers and a jean jacket for a more casual, effortless look. For a night out, these bodycons make for sexy cocktail dresses that are also very comfortable. Being comfortable is key to feeling confident in your outfit and confidence is the best way to look like you’re not trying hard at all!

It Transitions Seamlessly

This is one of the rare types of garments that transitions seamlessly from professional to trendy to sexy. It’s all about accessorizing and styling that makes the difference. On any given Friday, that black bodycon dress can take you through your workday and follow you right into happy hour and any other late night outings. On any Saturday, you can wear that white bodycon dress. Whether they’re strapless, long sleeve, short sleeve or even midi bodycon dresses, they’re comfortable enough to go shopping in and elegant enough to attend a baby shower, bridal shower or any other special occasion in. A lace bodycon dress in a light, weekend color is a perfect choice for sunday brunch, church or a wedding.

There aren’t many one-style-fits-all kind of looks out there, but the bodycon dress is definitely one of them! This is why we consider this flattering silhouette the ultimate fashion hack.

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