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Mommy and Me Winter Fashion

by Rebecca Gold 30 Dec 2020

Baby, it’s cold outside! It’s all about sweater weather and that means winter fashion is here. Who doesn’t love a season when the clothes are all about coziness, comfort and soft looks? Or a season when you can go boldly regal, like the princesses from Frozen?

Let’s get into some adorable, festive and fun winter fashion that moms and daughters can love! Whether it’s for a run to the store, a quick errand or for a whole photoshoot production, you and your mini-me will LOVE switching up the looks in your closet and going full winter with your outfits. After all, this is the best time of year for some family photo opps and rocking some adorable mommy-daughter looks is the way to go!

Winter Dresses

Winter Dresses

Go big or go home! The holidays are your chance to channel your inner Elsa, your inner Misty Copeland, your inner Holiday Barbie or whoever inspires you! Go as big as a Cinderella type gown if you want - because you are a winter queen and your little one is your winter princess. Nothing looks more majestic and epic than a ballet style petticoat and a form fitting top with long, ethereal sleeves for some winter portraits! Find matching mommy and me winter gowns for all the drama!

If you like the idea of a princessy look but don’t want all that volume, a skater dress fit still channels the same silhouette, but it’s much more toned down. This shape hugs you at the chest and torso then flares out at the bottom. Perfect for spinning and holding out to your sides. Opt for a deep purple skater dress or a cranberry-colored scarlet skater dress. These dresses look amazing with kitten heels or pumps and neatly styled curls. Think Audrey Hepburn for this look!

Soft Knits and Leggings

Soft Knits and Leggings

Just as seasonally appropriate and adorable is a toned-down, casual winter look. This is the best time of year if you love the snap of that cold crisp air and the feel of a soft winter knit. If Winter means more time to chill and sip hot cocoa, then maybe an at-home mommy and me photoshoot with soft winter knits is more your style. This is the ideal outfit for running errands, going to see close family members or whatever is on your to-do list!

Choose a fun, colorful, printed legging and pair with a contrasting, fluffy knit sweater. Pair a unique, glitter-print legging and pair with a solid-colored, off-the shoulder sweater. Or, pair an animal print legging with a black or deep red knit, cropped sweater! This look always looks beautiful with loose curls or a more effortless, natural look + some hoop or dangly earrings.

Empire Waist Dresses

Empire Waist Dresses

The Empire Waist dress or A-line dress is a silhouette that conveys class, a demure nature and is effortlessly feminine. The empire waist shape is appropriate for girls and women of any age and is SO photogenic for shoots like Christmas cards. Opt for a deep blue, floral empire waist dress for a sophisticated mommy and daughter matching look. Pair with silver accessories and a 60’s inspired, slicked down side part in the front with loose but neatly coiffed hair in the back.

Holiday Lace

Holiday Lace

There’s just something classically elegant about lace. It never seems to go out of style, especially during the holidays. Find a cute lace dress that you and your little one will love. A Black lace shift dress is great for a way to look formal while enjoying a loose yet flattering and comfortable fit that isn’t too tight. You can wear the mommy and me black lace shift dress with metallic or neutral colored heels or flats. Or add a pop of color to get more bold. Also trending now is winter white. A white lace dress looks beautifully formal and very snowy. If you and your little one love color, a green or red lace dress is 100% on-theme for the season!

Matching Mommy and Me Onesies

This is almost mandatory. If you don’t have matching mommy and me onesies, are you even doing the holidays right? There are endless options, but this is a MUST for cozy nights at home with the family and Christmas mornings when you make hot chocolate and open presents! Whether it’s a traditional, red or green plaid onesie or an animal themed look, don’t sleep on the matching mommy and me onesies for photoshoots either - this is a must for making those cherished holiday memories with the family.


image via @topknot_yoga


image via @carolinakerolbossi

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