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Embracing Your Femininity

by Rebecca Gold 06 Jan 2021

Feminism has been on the rise again in what is known as the 4th wave of feminism since around 2012. We’ve seen bold social movements emerge, strong feminist messages in the media, staunch supporters of reforms on women’s issues come forth, and much more. Research has shown that 30% of Americans now identify as feminists, compared to 26% in 2016.

Among all this positive progress and social change has been pro-feminist rhetoric that is necessary and refreshing. It is truly a great time to be a woman! We are now realizing, as a society, just how amazing, beautiful, inspiring and powerful women and girls are!

Sometimes, women succumb to the messages older generations may have given them, such as “We’re all living in a man’s world,” and that women are too emotional or too soft, too caring, too sensitive or sentimental. That women need to learn to take more “masculine” traits on, like confidence, assertiveness and courage. The truth is, there’s a time and place for all these traits. We all have all these things inside of us; we all vibrate higher when we learn how to be healthy, balanced people that utilize all our traits and tendencies when they are most necessary.

But there is something very special and needed about celebrating femininity. Despite all the progress and the talks happening in courtrooms, in social settings, in online forums, in legislation and more, we could all do with celebrating femininity more. Especially within ourselves! The magic that comes with being a woman should be sparked in more ways than one. Here are some great ways to connect with your magic and embrace being a woman.

Find Time to Be Creative

Find Time to Be Creative

Creativity is a trait that is traditionally associated with women but often eclipsed by the need to be disciplined and analytical (descriptors often reserved for men.) While these are both present in men and women, and both are necessary to stay balanced, celebrating your feminine side means allowing ideas and inspiration flow freely from you. Allow your natural creativity to lead you. Whatever it manifests itself as - whether it’s drawing, painting, playing an instrument, or writing music, do what feels right to you and allow your inner creator to create.

Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe

While every woman is different, some identifying more as “tomboys” or erring more on the masculine side when it comes to energy, it’s important to always get back to your roots. You can still be you and exude the energy that feels right, but finding your tribe means staying connected with others whose feminine energy is strong. Friends or family that allow you and encourage you to let your emotions, creativity and positive energy flow freely when you are together. Having a tribe of other powerful, strong-minded women who love, encourage, support and uplift you nurtures your inner femininity and allow it to radiate stronger together. In the olden days, this may have been mistaken and condemned for ‘covens’ or groups with negative connotations. Those attitudes were stoked in fear. The truth is that the true power of a woman shines through when she is allowed to be unapologetically herself, exuding all the feminine traits she naturally possesses. This may have been intimidating back in the day, but today, we celebrate it! Find your tribe and spread positive, feminine vibes, together.

Be Present in Your Body

We spend so much time in our heads, functioning in our day-to-day roles that we forget the very thing that allows us to do it all: our bodies. Get back to basics and into your body by doing things that allow you to use it and feel it. Throw on some of your favorite activewear, like a pair of floral printed leggings and grab a yoga mat or hit the dance studio. What you wear is just as important to how you feel as what you do. Make sure you’re wearing activewear that looks and feels good. That allows you to move and feel beautiful. Choose your prints and colors carefully and allow them to reflect, channel and enhance your mood.

Be Present in Your Body
Be Present in Your Body
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