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Motivational Yogi Quotes - Part 2

by Rebecca Gold 14 Jun 2019

1. “Sometimes upside down is what life has brought you to, sometimes upside down is just another point of view, and sometimes upside down is a happy bat laughing at the topsy-turvy world.” - @runohmy

2. “Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re anything less than a majestic being made from starstuff. We are an expression of the universe, a way for it to know itself. There is an abundance of cosmic wisdom within you, just waiting to be discovered and harvested with mindfulness.” - @casey_otten

3. “Beauty is not only what we can see, even our souls can be beautiful as well. Let’s do something nice for others today.” - @martinapalko

4. “Start every day with a grateful heart. There are so much little things we worry about, although they are not significant. Sometimes you just need to stop and count your blessings.” - @aerialvivie

5. “Whatever it is that is holding you back, just let it go.” - @beccacohenyoga

6. “Grow your own way! Don’t worry so much about what other people think of you. It’s more fun to be different rather than going along with the crowd.” - @gethealthyvibes

7. “When things go unexpectedly, you’re allowed to react. Feel whatever you want to feel. Recognize how you feel, as the actions that follow depend on it. You have the power to turn the negatives into positives, just choose what thoughts you want to listen to.” - @kaylapedersen

8. “Spend an hour outside of the data stream before the new week begins. Keep your body and mind in balance so that the essence of you – which is not the body or the mind – can be expressed.” - @selenareynoldsyoga

9. “It’s about working hard to find balance, and keeping it.” - @didiyodi

10. “The odd thing about inspiration is that it often comes after, not before, a new journey is started.” - @melesa_roxanne

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