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Motivational Yogi Quotes - Part 3

by Rebecca Gold 12 Jul 2019

1. “Look around you. There is so much to be thankful for.” - @sweetyogijayne

2. "All experiences are helping me grow." - @casierae_yoga

3. “Being powerful means embracing your current strength and using it to be explosive!” - @merinaminer

4. “You are your own creative master(piece). What kind of life do you really want? What makes you light up with joy? What makes you feel: Powerful, Beautiful, Radiant and Sparkly. Do more of that! You deserve those feelings. Every day is your creation. Love!” - @angela_aura_

5. “Sometimes one just needs to unwind and declutter all the noise in ones head to focus and reassess. Starting from scratch and taking a plunge into the unknown can be quite daunting and scary, but COURAGE is the MASTER of all FEAR and ultimately stimulates creativity. So pucker up G!! You can do this!!” - @ontheflywithg

6. “The energy you spread is the energy you get! I love to smile and see beautiful things in life! Everyone of us has a super power to create and be something unique.” -

7. “Life’s sometimes upside down. It just depends on you if you’ll turn it up.” - @poledancer_mannessa

8. “Making the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused. The one moment in a collection of movements (perhaps, ... ) will become your Dance, your Dream, your Space.” - @ladyofthechrome

9. “There will be many people who have opinions about you. Who will tell you what to do, & where you should go in life. If you have direction & drive, it should be easy for you not to worry about them. Their opinions don’t matter. Shine in your own way, shine for... YOURSELF!” - @youfitwithcait

10. “Never get comfortable, always Challenge yourself.” - @rykielcherie82

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