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What to Get your Daughter's Friend for her Summer Birthday Parties

by Mary Visconti 09 Jul 2019

It’s your daughter’s bff’s bday coming up and you know your daughter is counting on you to help her find something special for her. You know you absolutely can NOT blow it or else you’ll be dubbed worst mom EVER by your mini me and won’t hear the end of it until next year. So what do you do? 

Figuring out what to gift your daughter’s bestie all comes down to her age, her personality and her interests. So you’ll have to do some recon and talk to your daughter as she’ll have the best insight. However, there are some tried and true ideas that transcend age and are pretty universal. So if your daughter doesn’t have any good ideas or if she has an idea that you wish to supplement with something else, here are some great gift ideas for little girls in their under 10 - tween or even teen ages. 

Cute Athleisure or Fitness Gear

Athleisure is such a thing right now that it is pretty universal. You will need your daughter’s input on what types of colors and prints her BFF might like, but you can’t go wrong with a nice fitted pair of leggings decorated with anything from cute floral prints to unicorns to palm trees or whatever she’s into. Make it a matching set with a matching sports bra or gym top! If you get a matching set for your daughter, it will be a double whammy of a gift because they’ll be able to hit the gym or yoga class or gymnastics class in a winning, twinning look. 

Best Friends Locket or Jewelry 

This is a classic idea that will just never go out of style. Getting your daughter’s BFF a locket or a bracelet that represents her bond with your daughter is a beautiful way to commemorate their friendship for years to come. It’s also a cute gift for your own daughter, so it knocks out 2 in 1! You can find something silver, gold or rosegold; have it engraved or stick a photo of the two of them inside. 


A girl under age 10, a tweenager or a teenager - no matter the age - will love anything music related. You don’t have to dig deep by trying to figure out what she uses to listen to music, whether it’s spotify or Apple Music or pandora - you can just get her a great way to listen to it on her own! Find a good quality wireless bluetooth speaker so she can jam out wherever. Even better would be a waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker so she can listen to her music in the shower, at the pool with her friends or at the beach this summer! Even if she already has one, you can never have too many. Get creative and find a nicely decorated one or one that has lights and other fun stuff. You can’t go wrong with this one! 

An Instrument 

Admittedly, for this one, you’ll have to do some digging. Talk to your daughter and find out if there’s anything her friend’s into. Maybe she’s been interested in learning to play the guitar, or the piano. Maybe she already has a guitar but would like a new one or a different one with a different sound. Getting your daughter’s BFF her first instrument is a great way to encourage her to learn new things - who knows, you may even inspire her to find her passion in life! 

Neon Signs, Lava Lamps and Other Room Decor 

What school aged girl doesn’t love decorating her room in funky, original ways? And there are so many cool things out there for a girl’s room decor. There are glowy neon signs that say things like “beach please” or “vibes;” there are glowy pink flamingos, glowing green cactuses and tons of other cool shapes. There’s also a major homage being paid to the 90’s right now so a cool colored lava lamp might be the perfect fit! Maybe she’s into more boho looks like cool tapestries or sun and moon mobiles to hang on her walls. Or maybe she would love a cool cushion board - you can have your daughter pre-decorate it for her with photos of the two of them! 

Tickets to Something Cool

Are your daughter and her BFF huge Jonas Brothers or Selena Gomez fans? Do they love horses? Maybe they absolutely love trampolines and gymnastics. Whatever their interests are, gift your daughter and her bff with an experience that the two of them can share. A day at a theme park, entrance to a local fair, tickets to a trampoline or rock climbing indoor park, or a few dance lessons, yoga classes or horseback riding lessons. It will be a gift that stands out from the rest because it will be an experience instead of an item. Trust us, if you gift her with some tickets to something cool she can do together with your daughter, she won’t be able to contain her excitement. Plus the memories from the experience will last a lifetime for both of them. 

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