Posted on by Rebecca Gold

"Sometimes the best thing we can do is walk away from the things that no longer positively serve us, hurt us, or make us question our integrity."

"Our mood is highly dependent on our thoughts. If we focus on all the bad things in our life we will be sad and miserable. If we can focus on something good, things we are grateful for, we may be able to adjust to a more pleasant feeling. Choose gratitude over misery."

by @chelsey_nichole

"Some things you try and do will change the way you feel."


"Today feels like a roller coaster and I’m just over here trying to enjoy the ride."

by @naptimeshenanigans

"Wherever you're at now, you're loved for who you are. Let that message sink in and be your strength to step forward."

by @nata_de_nia

"When life gets rough gain a new perspective."

by @sara_moon_64