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Pick of the Week – Pick Me Lisa Set

by Tina Bryant 15 Sep 2019

Give yourself and your mini-me a head start to switch gears from summer mode to a sweater-weather mindset with the Pick Me Lisa Set. This two-piece boho-inspired outfit will look stylish with autumn essentials, for example, with your fave wool sweater and gumboots. While everyone grooves into neutral, earthy shades, you’ll bloom throughout the fall season because this adorable set is definitely having its own moment. Grab this fall- (and wallet-) friendly set to create a lot of fabulous autumn looks. The Pick Me Lisa Set will have you covered for different occasions: from everything pumpkin to birthday parties to family gatherings.

"Smiling because she loves her outfit" -


"Leigha is loving this set. Sassy with it💁🏽‍♀️🥰" -


"Totally in awe 😍 with my “Pick me Lisa Set" -


"Loving my new outfit!" -


"Super cute outfit!" -


"Loving this set!" -


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