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Party at the beach: Sundresses and Resort Wear

by Tina Bryant 08 Mar 2019

Ever wonder how those Instagram fashionistas make going on vacation look like a runway? As of late, the beach and tropical destinations have been the backdrop for some of the most dreamy photos floating around social media. But just how do you dress for a sunny, sandy setting and incorporate on-trend styles worthy of a profile pic photo? You learn to shop like the beauty and fashion bloggers! Here are a few staples you should own if you ever visit a nearby beach, or, if you live nowhere near one, that you should have ready for a beach destination wedding, a tropical vacation or other beach party occasions.

Classic, Beachy White

Before labor day, after labor day, who cares? Rules don’t apply when you step into the sandy realm. Oceanside venues are a perfect place for a crisp white outfit - and if anyone says anything, say it matches perfectly with the seafoam. For a daytime function, a long summer dress in classic white looks beautiful and picturesque. If it’s an evening event, or something that goes from day to night, add a more nighttime flare to the white by choosing a sheen silk fabric. A white silk dress will look luxurious and elegant enough for evenings full of warm ocean breezes, the sound of crashing waves and flutes of champagne in hand. White is also a perfect choice for cruise wear all year long. The best thing about white - it pairs with everything! From nautical light blues and white pinstripes to colorful florals, white can do no wrong when mixed with other colors and patterns.


Florals for Days

If there’s one place where florals shine, it’s the beach. Tropical settings just feel more beautiful when you’re wearing a long summer dress featuring vivid colors and petals splashed across it. You seriously can’t go wrong when wearing a floral print dress to the beach. Maxi dresses also make for amazing Resort Clothing - they’re comfortable enough to stroll around a new place or a ship’s deck in, but dressy and beautiful enough to wear to dinner. You’ll feel like an island princess in it!


Highlighter Colors

Super on-trend right now are highlighter colors. We’ve seen Kim Kardashian usher in the era and other major fashion houses include the palette in their collections; highlighter pink, yellow and other colors are super in. It’s also a highly appropriate color palette for the beach - it channels bold, bright, joyous vibes and a fearlessness that you must have when you wear something that vibrant. Highlighter, neon yellow sundresses for women or pink 2 piece outfits, bathing suit or dress will help propel you into a more daring and fun-loving wardrobe.


Dressy Beach Tops

When you go on a cruise, a vacation, beach wedding or to a beach party, dressy beach tops are essential. This can be an off the shoulder, frilly crop top or it can be a sleeveless, chic tank. The key is to pair it with a cute bottom - like a long maxi skirt (if it’s a more skin tight top) or a pair of shorts, if it’s a looser fitting top. Really in right now are bandeau tops paired with wide leg or flare bottom pants with lots of patterns and colors. This is probably the most IT look for resort wear at the moment.


The Accessories

Believe it or not, a very basic outfit can be elevated to look ultra trendy or ultra chic with the use of accessories. The right accessories can really make a difference. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses that match some of your beach outfits; buy the right earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Matching or contrasting with a purse will also help make your outfit go to the next level. On trend right now are long, maxi dusters or light kimonos to elevate an otherwise casual look here and there - these go great with two piece vacation outfits.

You don’t have to have a full team of wardrobe, makeup and hair to look spectacular at your next beach event; you just have to know where to look, what to buy and how to put it all together!

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