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The 4 Leggings You Need in your Wardrobe ASAP

by Tina Bryant 06 Mar 2019

In fashion, trends come and go but there are some staple pieces that are timeless and functional - they can also be reused and repurposed to fit whatever the on trend look is at the time. One of the most essential pieces you simply cannot go without is the legging. It’s the ultimate in versatile clothing - it can be made to look dressy or casual or can even be worn as workout clothing or pajamas. Here are the top 4 essential types of leggings you should stock up on to make sure you have all your fashion and functional wardrobe bases covered.

Solid Colored Leggings

This is the simplest thing to remember; if you don’t already have a pair of at least black leggings, this better be your first priority item. Black leggings are absolutely the most versatile legging you can own. It can be paired with a tank and flats for a 100% dressed down look; Add a leather or jean jacket + a pair of sperrys or converses and you’re ready for a stroll through the mall or a visit to the movies. Pair it with a dressy top and heels and you’re ready for happy hour with the office crew. Once you have your black leggings down, you’ll want to stock up on other solid colors. White leggings are perfect for summer - they pair perfectly with flouncy floral tops and cute sandals. Have fun picking out your favorite colors to your solid leggings collection.


Funky printed legging for yoga and fitness

There’s something about the top of the year that really inspires you to refresh your activewear wardrobe and reinvest in your workout regimen. It gives you a new focus and an incentive to level up your workouts and break out of that plateau. Find some leggings that reflect that same energy you want to have in the gym - funky printed leggings! Whether you’re into colorful abstracts or vibrantly colored lemon leggings, whether you’re feeling flowery and want to rock some springy floral leggings or tropical palm fronds splashed across your leggings, owning at least a few uniquely printed leggings with help you show off your bold, motivated side - and you’ll know that the leggings you’re rocking to the gym or to dance class or yoga will be totally unique; you won’t show up and see 3 other girls wearing the same ones!


Metallic Leggings

This is the perfect marriage between a timeless, versatile article of clothing and a very on-trend texture or color. Metallics like gold and silver and even shimmery, metallic versions of colors, like pink or navy blue are a very current choice. Inspired by the likes of top designers in their spring collection runway shows and emphasized by the celebs rocking these metallics on the red carpets this award ceremony season, metallics have a good, long run ahead of them. Stocking up on some metallic leggings will keep you locked into the cutest looks of now - saving you from gym envy as you look on to some of the hottest looks around you. Another homage to shimmer and shine is glitter print - rocking glitter printed gold and silver leggings are another super cute trend that are a must in your legging lineup.


Boho Printed Leggings

Boho printed leggings are a must in every athleisure fanatics’ closet. If you find yourself hitting yoga classes then passing by the farmer’s market after on the regular, a pair of cute boho printed leggings will help you keep the zen within you for the whole day. Boho print includes intricate designs that are reminiscent of gypsy style or henna-like shapes. A good boho printed legging is a timeless print that looks good paired with solid tops and shoes - try an off the shoulder white blouse and white sneakers with your boho printed leggings this spring or summer and watch how your cares melt into the wind.

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