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Pick of the Week – Ethno Chic

by Tina Bryant 13 Jan 2019

Like so many other fashionistas, you shop from high street to high vogue to simple to find the coolest items. This week we're announcing the “Ethno Chic” print - the top trend you want to try now. This is a collection of pretty yet practical pieces. You will feel special and appreciated because boho never goes out of style. An ethnic fashion enthusiast definitaely lives in you! Thus, you love to keep traditions in your heart and closet as well. So we bring you these trends for you to make your own. We're your all-seeing eyes; we want the best of the best outfits for your wardrobe.

"I love the pattern and the brightness of the color! 🌟" -


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"Loving the patterns on our leggings 🔹🔸🔹" -


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"Thank you for these super fun + comfy workout leggings." -


"Love the patterns and material!" -


"Loving this beautiful outfit from @pineappleclothing_com!" -


"Bold and beautiful leggings by @pineappleclothing_com." -


"Loving my new inspirational outfit by @pineappleclothing_com." -


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