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What to Pack for a Tropical Vacation

by Tina Bryant 11 Jan 2019

If you’re kicking off the new year with a trip to a sunny destination, you’ll want to be sure you pack some key items. Whether its a cruise to the caribbean or an exotic vacation to the asian tropics or somewhere else, we can guarantee you’ll end up needing the same stuff. In a nutshell, you’ll want to bring flowy clothes that are comfortable and airy instead of tight; plenty of florals and vibrant prints, whites, beiges, baby blues and other soft neutrals along with some other crucial items. If you’ve booked your flight and are putting your itinerary together, the next step will be to get your packing checklist together. We’ve compiled some of the important items for tropical destinations:

Sundresses, Maxi Dresses, Rompers and More

The #1 look for a tropical getaways is the sundress. In a close second is the maxi dress, followed by a wrap or maxi skirt paired with cute crop tops. When you’re soaking in the sun and floating on the open ocean on a yacht or cruise ship, nothing feels better than to be surrounded by light fabrics that are breathable and airy. Maxi skirts, maxi dresses and sundresses seem to just be made for resort season as they flow in the wind beautifully, making you feel like all your stresses have been swept up by the wind. Other great, flowy options include loose fitting rompers and shift dresses for vacations. Rompers and shift dresses are versatile since they can be dressed down with flats and a ponytail, or dressed up - paired with jewelry, heels and a clutch. For solid colors, vibrantly colored dresses and soft neutrals are the way to go; They make you look elegant and trendy as you enjoy your vacay. Tropical prints, nautical stripes and bold, sunny colors give you island vibes while periwinkle blues, soft lilacs, peachy pinks, beiges and whites make for soft chic that is like a breath of ocean air in fashion form.


Sun Accessories

Soaking in some rays? Don’t forget bikinis and swimwear! And yes, that’s bikinis with an S - we mean plural. You’ll most likely be hitting the beach or pool more than once on your vacation, so make your life easier and bring options to eliminate doing laundry or wearing the same sticky, sandy, damp bathing suit everyday.

For those wet things you’ll be lugging around, make sure you bring a dry bag to keep your wet things separate from your dry things. Make sure you also bring oversized tote bags to be able to pack everything you’ll want with you on your beach days or excursions.

Lastly, it’s important to keep your eyes and skin protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays. While soaking in a moderate amount can boost your vitamin C and give you  some energy, it can affect your retinas and skin in negative ways. Make sure you pack and wear sunscreen the entire time with sufficient SPF - that’s at the very least 35 spf ( and if you go with this minimum amount, make sure you reapply every few hours.) And if you’ll be in the water, pack sunscreen sport or spf that is waterproof. Be sure to pack UV protection packed sunglasses (they must be marked as having UV ray protection - or else they’re just tinted glasses that don’t offer protection.) Another line of defense for your eyes are hats  - make sure you pack them!

Excursion Items

If you’re doing more than just basking on the beach - maybe going on a trek through the tropical jungle, climbing waterfalls, snorkeling or scuba diving in the coral reefs, or other exciting adventures, make sure you find out what you’ll need. Some basics include snorkels, bug spray and snacks. Walking around in rivers or climbing waterfalls could end up hazardous if there are sharp rocks, slippery algae or barnacles under the flowing waters. Water shoes will keep your feet protected and will allow you to maintain your grip. Go over your itinerary and plan ahead - this will help you plan what to pack. Lastly, if you’re bringing your phone on your excursions, don’t forget a waterproof phone case!

Fitness and Activewear

Yes, we included activewear! Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should fall off your fitness and health regimen. Keep up with your workouts and meditation cycles by bringing along your yoga leggings and comfy yoga tops. Make sure you choose your most vibrant and comfy workout leggings with vibrant, tropical prints and moisture wicking, breathable fabrics so you can stretch, pose and breathe on the ship’s decks or on your hotel balcony as you take in those beautiful sunrises and sunsets and all that ocean breeze.

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