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Pick of the Week – Flower Child

by Tina Bryant 07 Jul 2019

Florals always look gorgeous on you. Adorable florals have become a pick of the week at Pineapple Clothing! Keep on enjoying summertime with our beautiful “Flower Child” green and pink print. Florals are synonymous with a woman and natural beauty. A flower print makes your look just above feminine and charm, especially when it features big, bold flowers on a dark hue fabric that flatter you perfectly well. Both a dress and leggings are summer must-haves. Let your summer blossom. And make others stop and smell the flowers. A little flower party never killed nobody. xo

"New leggings 🌸 Nothing makes me more happy than cute workout clothes!" -


"Vacation shopping is NEVER easy for me but shopping online with Pineapple Clothing #pineappleclothing was a Breath of Relief. Thanks ❤" -


"Back to the grind in my @pineappleclothing_com workout leggings 😍" -


"Comfortable, great quality sports bras and leggings!" -


"#happyinpineapple in my super leggings @pineappleclothing_com ⭐️" -


"It’s my new leggings from the USA! So nice and very comfortable for training 🙏👍 There are a lot of colors ✌️" -


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