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Pick of the Week - Chichi

by Tina Bryant 28 Sep 2018

This world becomes brighter and better because of you, the #happyinpineapple shining girls. Yep, even glittering activewear is bringing the light! The Chichi Gold Glitter Leggings and Sports Bra are stealing your hearts and a spot on the top of your wishlist outfits this week. We think this print has become an essential item in your lives. So go ahead and indulge yourself with this week’s super cool trend.

 "I always workout in cute and comfortable set. Very fashionable." - 

"I’ve got new activewear and it’s honestly amazing. Love the gold glitter print too." -


"Thank you for these adorable mommy and me leggings." -  


 "Got my leggings and they're amazing and comfortable." - 

 "Thank you Pineapple Clothing for these beautiful outfits." -

"I’m happy to report these pants fit great, and didn’t fall down." - 


 "Thank you for these fabulous leggings. The journey is more fun in them." - 

 "These super cute leggings are from Pineapple Clothing." - 

 "The activewear accommodates my contortion training without any fear of tear." -

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