Posted on by Tina Bryant

Deciding what to wear to a party is never an easy thing to do. And this task becomes all the more difficult for mommy when her little fashionista has to attend a party held to celebrate a holiday like Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, and more. Every mom wants her daughter   dressed to kill, but what is appropriate? Is there a specific color palette that you have to choose from? Here we recommend some ideas that could inspire you and your cutie for what to wear to a holiday party.

If the event is formal and your little girl is expected to dress up, then we suggest glamming up your princess in a cute outfit to make a striking impression! Our Lavender or Chocolate Brown Fit & Flare Midi Dresses are classy and fun pieces for a Halloween party at school. They will go perfectly with a painted face and a crown on her head.


If your baby girl is going to celebrate the holiday with a really close-knit group of friends, then clothing can be more casual. Our beautiful lace shift dresses are made to fit any occasion. Themed accessories will highlight what holiday she’s celebrating.

A special day of the year requires a special outfit that will only help enhance the feeling of festivity. In our classy empire waist outfits or fancy fit & flare Christmas party dresses your daughter will have a winning look for sure. If a dress is sleeveless, a young lady can wear it with a cardigan to feel more confident.