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Pick of the Week - Oopsy Daisy

by Tina Bryant 16 Dec 2018

Winter has officially come and it means you should prepare your closet for the colder season of the year, even in Miami :-). You choose more and more black, black gray and navy blue colors to match this frosty time. The “Oopsy Daisy” collection has already become one of your winter wardrobe essentials. It features black soft fabric that will help you stay warm and little white daisies reminding a dance of tiny snowflakes that will help you combine style and look accordingly. The “Oopsy Daisy” pieces have you covered for different occasions; from the gym to instantly holiday-ready looks. Curate your favorite style inspirations and figure out what you want your overall look to be for the season. When in doubt – add daisies.

"This gorgeous dress!! Will grab many more from @pineappleclothing_com" -


"Loving my new active wear from @pineappleclothing_com!" -


"Happy as a daisy in my dress from @pineappleclothing_com 🌼🌸🌼" -


"My Daisy leggings are from @pineappleclothing_com." -


"@pineappleclothing_com has some of my favourite clothing for yoga and meditation." -


"Loving my @pineappleclothing_com outfits with my precious daughter. #happyinpineapple" -


"When I saw that @pineappleclothing_com had black leggings with daisies (our wedding flower) as an option, I was sold! Can be worn outside of the gym. I am definitely going to buy more of these leggings." -


"My favorite 🤩" -


"This. Sports. Bra. Is. Every. Thing. !! @pineappleclothing_com has amazing and super unique sports wear and other clothing!"-


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