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Self Care Ideas During COVID-19

by Rebecca Gold 25 Mar 2020

Most of us know that we should be practicing self-care all the time, but when it comes to implementing it into our daily lives we struggle. Now, we have enough time on our hands to finally get started. So here are some ideas of what to do during self-isolation.


Physical Self-Care

Do yoga, fitness or stick to some app workouts. It'll help you keep fit and find your inner peace. Plus, it's a perfect time to start preparing for summer so that you could show off your dream beach body once the quarantine is over. Our vibrant, funky activewear from @pineappleclothing_com will motivate you to practice daily and will make your workouts much more fun!


Food Therapy Self-Care

Cook your favorite meals and try out some cool recipes you haven't had time for till now. Yummy smoothies, healthy salads - take advantage of it! Also, bake some home-made cookies so that you could binge on while watching Netflix.


Emotional Self-Care

Become more in tune with your emotions, check in with yourself, become more mindful of your triggers and thinking patterns and find ways to work through them. Try journaling, meditation and express your emotions through cooking, writing or painting.


Intellectual Self-Care

This includes doing something you enjoy that nourishes and challenges your mind. Learning a new skill can expand your knowledge. You can read an inspiring book, learn a new language or watch a documentary on a topic you're interested in.


Social Self-Care

We need to stay isolated right now but connection is important to us all. Facetime with your parents, friends and family more often. Good timing to find new friends via the Internet too.


Sensory Self-Care

It helps nourish your senses which is an effective way of helping you lower your stress levels and putting your mind at ease. Burn your fave scented candle, listen to soothing music, take a relaxing bath.

Stay healthy and #happyinpineapple!

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