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Spring Cleaning for your Life and Mind State

by Tina Bryant 05 Mar 2019

We’re more than ready to welcome spring and say buh-bye to winter already. The new season brings new possibilities, better weather, brighter colors and an opportunity to hit the reset button. We’re still at the top of the year and the annual spring cleaning ritual can be more than just dusting off your furniture. We propose that you hit refresh on everything - not just your home cleaning. Here are a few ways to really get the most out of spring cleaning season by applying the renewing mindset to all the other aspects of your life.

Spring Yoga

If you haven’t already incorporated yoga into your life, take the opportunity to add it to your routine this spring. It has been known to improve flexibility, circulation, respiration, energy vitality, aid in weight reduction and so many other benefits. Start by going to some classes - or if you’re not the class type, start following some channels on youtube that teach you how to hit the poses properly. For those that already do yoga, up the ante by going to a yoga retreat and dedicate a few days solely to a focused yoga experience. Give yourself an incentive by stocking up on some cute yoga leggings and colorful printed yoga sports bras - it will give you that boost you need to start your new yoga journey.



After you add some yoga to your routine, try carving out some time to meditate. Dedicated meditation sessions help clear your mind, reduce stress, control anxiety, and can help improve your cognitive ability. It is a great way to promote your emotional health, enhance your self awareness and can even help reduce age related memory loss in the long run. This is a great way to do some mental spring cleaning and optimize that brain for the rest of the year. It really goes hand in hand with yoga and can be done throughout your yoga routine as you close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Look up some breathing exercises to use within your meditation and yoga sessions and watch how much better you feel.


Relax and Refresh

If you can swing it, try taking a brief, top of the year vacation that focuses on relaxation. If you can, try doing it by yourself. Go to a relaxing place, preferably a warmer destination where you can just take in some sun, swim in the sea, and relax in a hammock. Keep your itinerary free and clear - don’t fill it up with a bunch of hectic activities. Try disconnecting from the world by turning off your phone or just keeping it on airplane mode while you’re gone; bring books to read, incorporate your new yoga and meditation into your mini vacay.

If you can’t do a whole vacay, try doing a few days of relaxation at home. Book a massage, acupuncture or other therapy session day for yourself when you can just focus on recharging and re-energizing yourself for the new year.



Yes, it’s the typical thing to do this time of year - but we had to mention it. Organizing and cleaning really has a wonderful effect on your mind state. Whether you realize it or not, clutter and disorganization can continue to bother you in your subconscious mind as you try to take on other, more highly prioritized tasks. It can help a lot to finally dedicate the much needed time to de-clutter your home, living and working spaces so you can feel more at ease moving forward into the rest of the year. Read up on some feng-shui and see if there are better layouts for your living spaces that inspire more peace of mind and productivity. You can donate them, you can put them up on letgo or on online markets to get some money for them or you can just give them to someone you know wants it. Hit up the container store and find more practical, smart ways of storing your stuff. Get rid of the stuff you no longer use or need - like old clothes and furniture and knick knacks.



Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house - it’s also for your body. If you’ve got some bad habits you’ve let yourself get comfortable with, (for example, if you’ve told yourself you’d like to stop drinking or smoking as much) Spring is the perfect opportunity to go a detox. Maybe your thing is eating too much sugar - or maybe it’s too much social media - whatever it is that you feel you’re starting to develop a dependency on, take the power back and go on a temporary cleanse from it. Overstimulation can end up frying our brains and causing us to burn out more quickly - try cutting those excess things out of your system for a bit this spring and watch how you optimize your body and mind for spring and for the rest of the year ahead!

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